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Sci-Fi Festival

Sci-Fi Festival is a compact cultural event that transforms Tartu New Theatre into a unique sensory space where representatives from different fields of sci-fi culture, state of mind theater and horizons of perception of fantasia meet.

Six performances are held at the festival: productions, performances, lectures, musical performances and audiovisual works. The Sci-Fi Festival invites the audience to discuss how and what is dreamed about in Estonia when fantasy does not set boundaries.

The festival has been launched by artists from the generation that have grown up with art-house science fiction such as Navigator Pirx (Piestrak, 1978), Solaris (Tarkovsky, 1972), Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (Kromanov, 1979), translations of Stanislav Lem and Isaac Asimov by Jaan Kaplinski and other writers.

The festival that takes place on September 14-16 2017 will present the artists', sound artists' and writers' explorations of Maie Heidberg's prose book Before the Last Day (1914) and Elmar Talvis's sci-fi radio drama Returning to the Future (1983), also there will be Galaktlan's, Mihkel Kleis's and Kiwa's concert show Back to the Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (1979-2017) and the concert of multimedia group White Sparks. The main performer of the festival is Tellervo Kallainen from Finland.

The main focus of the festival is on pioneering and little-known texts.

The artistic director of the festival is Kiwa.

The festival belongs to the TUT10 program.


September 14, Thursday

Marie Heiberg
Before the Last Day (1914)
music by Joel Tammik, text by Kaisa Selde

Elmar Talviste
Returning to the Future (1983)
Get-together with Jaan Tooming's school under the direction of Aldar Talviste

September 15, Friday

Frindo Kveiks & Gabriela Liivamägi
The angel of Ignorance

Tellervo Kalleinen (FI)
Exaggerating Mind

Benzokai & Tont
7" presentation

September 16, Saturday

Kiwa / Mihkel Kleis / Galaktlan
Back to the Dead Mountaineer's Hotel

White Sparks
Vostok Station

Organizers: ;paranoia publishing group ldt., Tartu New Theatre

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