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Lounging concert: Sänni Noormets "Introverted Bird"

This time, the lounging concert offers an opportunity to travel in a particularly deep place. In Russian traditional culture, a cuckoo symbolizes the dead soul of a young woman.

Also in Estonian mythology, birds were considered to be in close connection with the dead.

At the concert of Sänni Noormets, one can hear bird imitations and texts that create an association with the meaning of the word "bride".

"Introverted Bird" is the result of Sänni's Master's years in the study programme of traditional music and composing. The premiere of the concert was in the spring, and stories about how fascinating and magical it was, spread far. Now it's time for the people of Viljandi to enjoy it.

In addition to Sänni, there will be:
Katariin Raska (saxophone)
Eva Väljaots (kannel)
Tiit Joamets (vibraphone)
Viljandi Music School String Orchestra conducted by Riivo Jõgi
Vocal ensemble consisting of Maarja Soomre, Hanna Kata Norma, Gertrud Aasaroht, Monika Väliste

Sänni Noormets is a young talented violinist, singer, composer and player of hiiu kannel, who is known to the wider audience as a member of the bands Midrid and Estbel. Several guests will perform at the concert along with Sänni.