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Liisi Koikson and Mari Jürjens "Mothers' day"

Motherhood is the mothers' daily life, but each mother should sometimes wear dress and shoes, do their hair, dance and sing.

Every mom could occasionally celebrate the everyday, even if there's some baby puree in their hair or drop of milk on their dress. Mothers' day can always be a festivity!

Mari has been mother for over three years and Liisi for over a year, and at the concert, they talk and sing about their daily and festive life like they have experienced it.

They share the stage with:
Rasmus Puur and VHK String Orchestra
and band:
Marten Altrov - clarinet
Joel Remmel - piano
Heiko Remmel or Mihkel Mälgand - contrabass
Aivar Surva - trumpet, drums

Light artist - Priidu Adlas
Sound artist - Kaarel Tamra