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Kumu Documentary: "Kalevipoja kangelasjooks"

Director: Reimo Ruubel

Country: Estonia
Year: 2016
Length: 25'
Language: in Estonian

This short film is about a mythological ultra-run inspired by the Estonian National epic "Kalevipoeg". In six days, seven heroes completed an adventurous 376-km course, which was quite an experience even for the most skilful runners.

This journey was a physical challenge, but even more a spiritual journey about self-discovery and self-awareness, where different obstacles were faced and conquered. Throughout the film, astonishing Estonian nature is introduced, serving up a variety of landscapes: sea and water, forests and swamps, roads and trails.

The documentary offers an overview of different events, adventures and opportunities to find one’s own way in order to then go back to everyday life and live out the discovered humanity and one’s full potential.

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