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Festival 'Theatre for the Young Viewer 2017'

For the fifth consecutive year, the entertaining theater festival 'Theater for Young Viewer' is taking place, which is primarily aimed at children and young people. This year's festival will take place from the 16th to the 18th October in Viljandi.

A total of nine prestigious Estonian theatres gather together for three days to provide new and interesting theatre experiences for children and young people. Estonian theatres: Must Kast, Karlova Theatre, Kuressaare City Theatre, VAT Theatre, Piip and Tuut Theatre, Miksteater, Theatre Tuuleveski and Lendav Lehm.

In addition to various performances, the festival will also host workshops and discussions of educators and cultural workers.

All the smaller and bigger theatre lovers and educational and cultural workers from different ages who want to get part of the fascinating theatre world and enjoy various entertaining performances are welcome.

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