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Exhibition and pop-up museum “I’m so Angry!ˮ

The exhibition “I’m so Angry!ˮ introduces you to individuals from across Europe, who between 1956 and 1991, the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union, became part of a movement that shaped our history.

People who fought for freedom and democracy, the right to abortion or simply a place to live. 

Meet Constantin Jinga: he was shot during the Romanian Revolution but still calls that day one of the happiest of his life. Or read about Lagle Parek, who organised a demonstration here in Tallinn, only months after she was released from a Gulag camp. Together with thousands of others, they started revolutions. Sometimes they ended in repression or disillusion, but on good days they helped to change the world. 

The personal stories of this exhibition inevitably raise the question: what would I have done in their place? It is an important question, maybe now more than ever. We all seem so angry and discontent. Populist parties are on the rise everywhere and new ‘strong’ leaders are elected. We are against so many things, but do we know what we are for? Some of us long for a past that might have never existed. But the future is coming anyway. So what do we want for it? And are we willing to fight for that cause? In this exhibition, we will ask you straight up: What is on your protest sign?

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