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Even Share

Vernissage on Tuesday 7 March at 6 pm

Artists: Samuli Haleni, Eetu Kevarinmäki, Sallamari Rantala, Sonja Vainionpää

To illuminate an effect, issue or object from a new perspective so it can be viewed from a new perspective – this is what Even Share is about. The exhibition’s artists are also united by youth, Turku Academy of Fine Arts and irony.

Sonja Vainionpää's installation Pieces from Eden consists of 650 different employment contracts which flutter in the draft of the crowd motion. On the backside of these contracts a gigantic, roughly expressive hand stretches out, offering an apple. This highlights the character of the papers as deals or contracts which underline the concrete meaning of labor in the life of an individual.

Sallamari Rantala's I Love My Car ponders the cultural traits and features of industrial capitalism, such as efficiency, pace and freedom, while playing with ‘narcissism' towards the environment of objects. Rantala approaches her subject through weaving and film. In weaving pace is parallel to the speed of a car and in film human characters represent the subjective condition of experience.

Eetu Kevarinmäki presents the hatespeech of social media as a picture – or as a fraction on the surface of an image. In his work Hundred portraits of hatespeech. Kevarinmäki combines a person's image and hatespeech in the metadata of a picture. This creates a metamorphosis, a new image.

Samuli Halen's installation Four Types of Horizons creates images through sound and silence. Halen is a photographer by trade and against this background he tries to accomplish something that is not visible to the naked eye. To see behind images and discover landscapes which are perceived individually by everyone.

Even Share presents the challenges of our time as a visual model, though, without giving answers.

Curator: Jari Silomäki

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