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Estonian photo and cinema exhibition 'Estonian Film – Life Behind the Scenes'

From October 15, 2017, the photo and cinema exhibition 'Estonian Film – Life Behind the Scenes' is opened at three Tallinn cinemas.

The photo exhibition has been called to life to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Estonian Filmmakers Union, with the aim of showing the atmosphere behind the scenes and making a deep bow to all filmmakers. The works Riina Varol, Herkki Erich Merila, Andres Teiss, Heikki Leis, Kaarel Nurk, Tõnu Noorits, Viktor Mendunen, Martin Lazarev, Tõnu Talivee, Patrick Tamm, Vahur Puik and others are exhibited.

For over a hundred years, movies have been made in Estonia and still-photography has the same age. If the movies usually reach large cinema screens, the life behind the scenes will remain hidden. Thus, people who are behind the cameras are often unknown, and with them, the special moments that are related to the birth of a film will be unknown as well.

The exhibition lets the viewer peek behind the thick curtains and shows them what goes on behind the cameras. Attention is given to operators, directors, film artists, as well as to all other members of the team whose work plays a major role in the success of the film and whose work has resulted in the birth of Estonian films over more than a hundred years.

The exhibition will be opened on October 15th at the three cult cinemas in Tallinn, each of which will present an exceptional selection of photos. In each cinema, there will be special film screenings in the event of the opening.

17:00 Kosmos IMAX 'Ghost Mountaineer'
19:00 Artis 'Dangerous Curves'
21:00 Sõprus 'Dead Mountaineer's Hotel'

The exhibitions remain open until November 15, 2017.

The curator of the exhibition is Galerist, assisted by Jane Treima. The exhibition has been launched by the Estonian Filmmakers Union in cooperation with the Estonian Film Database, the Estonian Film Institute and the cinemas Sõprus, Artis and Kosmos IMAX.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the birth of the exhibition with photographic materials and memories!

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Added photos:

1. Leida Laius 'The Master of Kõrboja', on the photo: Kaie Mihkelson. Photo: Villu Reimann, Enn Säde's collection

2. Urmas Eero Liiv 'Ghost Mountaineer', on the photo: sound technician Jevgeni Berezovski. Photo: Martin Lazarev
An Estonian photographer and designer living in Brazil, Martin Lazarev, writes on his commentary to the photo: "The train compartment had very little space. Since the cameraman and director Urmas E Liiv had already pressed themselves into the room with the camera, the sound technician had to place himself on the floor under the feet of the shooting team and the actors."

3. Veiko Õunpuu 'Roukli', on the photo: Mirtel Pohla and Veiko Õunpuu. Photo: Riina Varol

4. Tallinnfilm's feature film 'The Last Relic'. Filming the love scene of Agnes (Ingrida Andrina) and Gabriel (Aleksandr Goloborodko). Standing: director Grigori Kromanov, behind the camera: operator Jüri Garšnek. Photo: Tallinnfilm's photo laboratory / National Archives of Estonia

Additional information:
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