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Concert series "SOUNDandLANGUAGE": Cloud over the Moon

SOUNDandLANGUAGE. "Cloud over the Moon" - Veljo Tormis, Kauksi Ülle, and new works by young composers.

The second concert project of the concert series "SOUNDandLANGUAGE", which is dedicated to disappearing languages and cultures, has fatefully assumed a special meaning. On January 21, 2017, the main author of the concert repertoire, Veljo Tormis, passed away. The music of Tormis is at the concert intertwined with poetry by Kauksi Ülle and the new Finno-Ugric-themed works by three young Estonian composers - Marianna Liik, Maria Kõrvits, and Piret Pajusaar.

The concert "Cloud over the Moon" takes place on Sunday, February 19, 2017, at 18 in the stable of Kolu pub in the Estonian Open Air Museum, Tallinn, and on February 20, 2017, at 19 in the theatre auditorium of the Estonian National Museum in Tartu.

On stage will be Brothers Johanson, Udmurtian singer Maria Korepanova, Mari singer Anna Mišina, mezzosoprano Iris Oja, violinists Harry Traksmann and Olga Voronova, viola player Laur Eensalu, cellist Leho Karin, percussionist Petri Piiparinen, pianist Diana Liiv, and poet Kauksi Ülle.

The creation of Veljo Tormis is represented by "Cloud over the Moon" ("Pilv üle kuu"), which is written to the poem from Eino Leino's play of the 12th century Swedish crusades, and folklore-based works "Mournful Songs" ("Kurvameelsed laulud", 1979), "Four Estonian Narrative Folk Songs" ("Neli eesti jutustavat rahvalaulu", 1970), "Two Livonian Joke Songs" ("Kaks liivi naljalaulu", 1975), "Jaanikvartett" (1967/2004), and "Suite of Vigala's Folk Tunes" ("Süit Vigala rahvaviisidest", 1949) from the composer's youth, which only exists in handwriting and has to date been undiscovered. The new Finno-Ugric-themed works by Marianna Liik, Maria Kõrvits, and Piret Pajusaar involve, in addition to Estonian musicians, ethno-singers from Mari and Udmurtia. During the intermissions, Kauksi Ülle reads her Võro-language poetry. The translations to Estonian language will be displayed on a screen.

The artistic director of the "SOUNDandLANGUAGE" series is pianist Diana Liiv.

The series is organised in collaboration with the Fenno-Ugria Asutus.

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