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3rd Narva Medieval Festival

Narva Museum invites all history-lovers to Narva Castle from June 30 to July 1, where the medieval days will be resurrected at the Narva Medieval Festival in cooperation with the Teutonic Order from St. Petersburg.

In the courtyard of Narva Castle, scenes from the year 1346, when the sales agreement of the castle was signed by the King of Denmark and the German Order, will be re-enacted.

The guests can watch and cheer on knights' tournaments as well as sword and archery competitions. Medieval musicians aka minstrels and traveling clowns aka skomorokhs will perform, there will be theatre and versatile entertainment characteristic of the era is offered to both big and small guests.

Everyone can try their hand as an archer, knight, handicraftsman, or a simple citizen from this distant time. Medieval dances are taught and masterclasses held. Children can play with soft toy weapons and try throwing darts.

The festival culminates in the evening with a performance of fire dancers. A tent town will be set up at the festival, to demonstrate the everyday life of knights at a military campaign. At certain times, excursions will be organized in this area, introducing the furnishings of the tents and the lives of knights and their families.

On Sunday, July 1, at 5 p.m., there will be a concert by Hortus Musicus.

The schedule for both festival days is as follows:
11.00 Festive festival march in the city
11.30 Minstrels. Ensemble Drolls
12.00 Knights tournament
13.00 Medieval theatre
13.30 Knights tournament on horses
15.30 Battle of infantrymen
16.30 Giants on stilts
17.00 Minstrels. Ensemble Drolls
17.00 Medieval dances. Masterclasses of Medieval dances
17.40 Fire dancers
18.00 End of the festival day

The event is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Information: phone 359 9230,

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