Lahemaa National Park

Lahemaa National Park is located in northern Estonia, 70 kilometres east of Tallinn. It is the largest national park in Estonia and is even one of the biggest national parks in Europe. Its charter calls for the preservation, research and promotion of North-Estonian landscapes, ecosystems, biodiversity and national heritage. During our day trip we will get the chance to catch some fresh air on the 7 km forest walk to the third biggest boulder in Estonia – Majakivi. Kolga manor lets us experience the atmosphere of mystery and times past. Despite the fact that many of its buildings are in ruins, the manor complex still makes a majestic impression. We will see Loksa, a town with a Soviet industrial past and visit Viinistu, a little village with a great museum, in the meantime we’ll admire beautiful vistas of the forest shoreline and the sea.


10:00 – 11:35 Travel to Lahemaa, with brief stops at Kiiu and Kolga manors

11:35 – 13:00 Majakivi nature trail in Lahemaa National park (approx 7km long)

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch at Viinistu

14:30- 15.15  Viinistu Art Museum

16:00 – 17:00 Palmse Manor 

18:30 back in Tallinn

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