MTÜ Etnoweb is the operator of the portal The aim of the project is to analyse the civil and information society and to fulfil the social order of the state and foundations for the development of civil society and cooperation with non-profit organisations.

The mission of the project is to disseminate information on Estonian culture and civil society, to highlight issues of civic engagement and integration in the media, to raise awareness of the Equal Treatment Act and assess equal opportunities for different social groups and minorities in society, to educate responsible and loyal citizenship, to create and implement lifelong learning opportunities, to increase the quality of media and freedom of expression, and to create conditions for development.

An important part of the activities is raising the profile of Estonian civil society in the world, conducting development and training projects among young people and poorly integrated permanent residents for the integration and adaptation of new migrants. The organisation focuses on maintaining internal civic security and participatory democracy. The society runs the portal, which provides educational information on Estonian culture, civil society and minority cultures.

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