Estonian Celebrity Centers

Arvo Pärt is an Estonian composer of classical and religious music.  From 2011 to 2018, Pärt was the most performed living composer in the world, and the second most performed in 2019.

The Arvo Pärt Centre combines the composer’s personal archive with an information and music Centre. It is an open meeting place for musicians, researchers and music lovers.

The guided tour through the Centre’s unique building will allow us to glimpse some of Arvo Pärt’s manuscripts and listen to his music, to see what kinds of documents the Arvo Pärt archives hold and to find out why the building includes a chapel and a lookout tower.

It is also possible to watch a short documentary film (20 min) about Arvo Pärt and his work.

A picturesque road to the center includes stops at Türisalu cliff and platform with its breathtaking sea view and Keila-Joa waterfall and manor (outside).

Tauno Kangro is a famous Estonian sculptor.

Tauno Kangro’s distinctive sculptures have become the symbolic objects of a number of places in Estonia. He mostly uses bronze, granite and dolomite. His works can be seen in town squares, parks, and art collections in countries like Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden, Finland and many others.

His villa in Laitse is surrounded by a large sculpture garden with numerous monumental sculptures by Tauno.

The property owner himself will take us around the place and tell us about his art, achievements and plans.


10:00   departure from Tallinn to Arvo Pärt Centre in Laulasmaa
10:40 -10:50     Türisalu cliff and platform
11:00 -11.35    visit to Keila-Joa waterfall and mansion (outside)
12:00              arrival at Arvo Pärt Center
12:00 -12:20    coffee break
12:20 – 13:40  guided tour through the center
13:45- 14.25    road to Laitse
14:30 – 15:35  visit to Graniitvilla of Tauno Kangro
15:40 – 16:30  road back to Tallinn


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