If your doctor advises you to undergo the course of treatment which includes lots of sensuous pleasures, go to I Land Sound!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, by this time, many festival goers had already experienced the first evening and night of the festival. I enjoyed the Thursday night through the waves of Raadio 2 and the only thing I would like and would recommend for the future is to find some additional frequencies for the broadcast so that you could listen to music from all the different stages of the festival in turn. The choice of music was truly wide and for different tastes but especially for the dancy taste. The performers were divided between the nine different stages. There were DJs and the representatives from Raadio 2 shows, such as Öötöö, Machine Nation, Haigla saade, Tjuun In, Estonian Funk Embassy, Tallin Express, and Majamasin. If you are a fan of Raadio 2 night programme, then this festival is an answer to all your prayers. You get it all at once and in large quantities!

Everyone was treated very well and personally. There was always someone who wanted to know how it goes, what’s in your bag and after that gave you a „hug“ too. Of course, all this was in order to make the party the best for everyone, and it was taken care of by wonderful people in yellow waistcoats.

The air was full of colours, art, sounds, pleasing vibes and all in all it was just a blessing!

If you want to spend a really enjoyable holiday in a marvelous place where you can swim, do sports, play, relax, dance in the evenings, and continue with all this again on the next day, I Land Sound is a place to be. But you have to be quick and open-eyed, otherwise you will not be able to get a ticket to the wonderland. This time, ALL the tickets were sold out by Thursday, there were a total of four thousand people plus volunteers and the team. But there was enough air and space and everything else for everyone. Maybe next year there will be an opportunity for 5,000 or 6,000 people, who knows!

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