The exhibition is a timeless trip to the secrets of the ancient sea, you are surprised all the time by the various factors that the exhibition shows, a whole ambiance from the first to the third floor makes you think how impressive it was as the creatures lived millions of years ago.
The animals have been replicated in such a real way that on several occasions you imagine that the animal in front of you will move at any moment. It is interesting to see up close the animals that inhabit the region and whom you have not the opportunity to see often; for a moment you go back in time and see yourself before magnificent creatures that inhabited the Estonian sea and begin to imagine how incredible they are.
The exposure sharpens your senses in a way that makes you want to touch and to
explore the whole universe as it looked millions of years ago. The summit of the exhibition is the virtual video, where you are inside of a 3D reality and go millions of years back in time. When you put on the glasses, you are transported to the seabed. An experience of the 3D glasses is very realistic and you can understand in a few minutes how the Estonian sea was formed and you can see and almost feel the creatures. Looking up you can see how deep you are and looking around you get to know the fantastic animals up close, and so your time travel starts going through millions of years until the age of the dinosaurs.
For 8 minutes you are in a moment of contemplation of the seabed. Could you imagine that there were ancient sea creatures several meters long, such as the giant marine scorpion? I had no idea of such magnificent creatures!
The exhibition also makes us reflect how important it is to care for and preserve nature, we know that every year man destroys what is the most important in the world, which is our Mother Nature, and every year we are paying the price of all the destruction of debris that is thrown into the sea and we must be aware of this evil all the time.
I highly recommend the exhibition to people of all ages. Kids will love it and have lots of fun. There is an option to buy the ticket that won’t include watching the film, but choose the full ticket because this way you will enjoy this experience in more depth. I think that the texts of the museum could be in English too, not only in the local language. You often do not want to use the audio guide but rather to be able to read about what you are seeing in front of you. Immerse yourself in this incredible experience.