Your life might change forever if you meet with these good-looking cultural events we have chosen for you this week. The mysterious meteorite, silent cinema’s forgotten masterpieces, coral reefs’ everyday life, fresh documentaries from all over the world, the first steps in playing jew’s harp, jazz, soundscapes, minimalism and noise textures … ah, you just can’t resist!
30 Jan, 31 Jan, 2 Feb, 3 Feb
Von Krahl Theatre
The mysterious meteorite falls in the middle of the deep Siberian taiga in 1908. Inside it is a special ice that peels the hearts open. It spreads from human to human and brings together a secret brotherhood from all over Russia. Melting ice opens the utopia, which changes the whole meaning of the 20th century that is very different from the traditional canon. The production is based on the novel “Ice” of Vladimir Sorokin and is born in collaboration of Von Krahl Theatre and Klockriketeatern.
(Silence), Silent Cinema Soundscapes #7
31 Jan
Sveta Bar
Silent movies were never shown in silence. Live music and sound improvisation has always been an integral part of silent movie screenings. (Silence) will revive the spirit of silent cinema’s forgotten masterpieces. Orchestras and classical musicians will be replaced by modern-day performers, whose contemporary sound will accompany the avant-garde pictures from the early 20th century. Two medium-length cinematic pieces will be screened: “The Seashell and the Clergyman” by Germaine Dulac and “The Toll of The Sea” by Chester M. Franklin. The films are accompanied by music of Hamza Needz and Źeńska Forma.
Kumu Documentary. Chasing Coral
31 Jan
Kumu auditorium
Director: Jeff Orlowski
Introduction by Lennart Lennuk.
Coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why, and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.
DocPoint Tallinn
31 Jan – 4 Feb
Cinema Artis, Cinema Sõprus
At the end of January, DocPoint Tallinn Festival, which focuses on documentaries, is held in Tallinn for the ninth time. Screenings take place at cinemas Sõprus and Artis and the programme includes more than 40 fresh documentaries from all over the world. The opening documentary is Raimo Jõerand’s and Kiur Aarma’s “Rodeo”. This is a film about the first government in Estonia after the restoration of independence.
5th Jew’s Harp Festival
2–4 Feb
The Club of Different Rooms, Club Sinilind, NUKU Theatre
At the beginning of February 2018, you can make the first steps in playing jew’s harp under the guidance of the Estonian best jew’s harp players. Workshops for beginners and advanced students will be held at the festival. In addition, there will be a joint play, composing of a jew’s harp orchestra and a concert. The concert includes the jew’s harp performances both by soloists and by ensembles.
Winter Jazz 2018: Mart Soo Kulgejad
3 Feb
Kumu auditorium
This season of “Winter Jazz” will be opened on February 3 at Kumu auditorium by the Danske Jazz Award 2017 winner, guitarist Mart Soo and his band Kulgejad. The quintet invites the listener to the northern route, where the past, the present, and the timeless movement meet in the musical space. Mart Soo is a composer who mixes influences from jazz, soundscapes and minimalism. Kulgejad is Mart Soo, Tuuli Velling, Raun Juurikas, Heikko Remmel and Brian Melvin.
Prestekveler – Live Noise Night
4 Feb
Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia
Prestekveler is Dario Fariello (saxophones) and Paolo Gàiba Riva (clarinet and electronics), two Italian musicians based in Norway. Their setup includes acoustic music, noise textures, amplified winds, viola feedbacker (an electric viola modified by the instrument maker Christian Blandhoel), live sound manipulation and field recordings. Dario and Paolo will do a solo performance and also perform together as Prestekveler. They are supported with DJ sets by Elis Kitt and Apex.