A wonderful  week full of music and art is upon us. Enjoy!
12th Tallinn Guitar Festival
12 Jun – 16 Jun
Traditionally, the festival offers guitar music in its plenitude of styles. The festival’s creator and artistic director is the guitarist Tiit Peterson. The festival  will bring you guitar music from all over and we have heard, that there are quite many quite surprising acts.
Special programme of David Lynch
07 Jun – 17 Jun
Cinema Artis
The film programme taking place on June 7-17 introduces the person and work of one of the most famous and unique arthouse directors, David Lynch. The viewer will get an opportunity of getting a closer look on David Lynch’s mysterious persona through the new documentary “David Lynch: Art Life” (2016), in which Lynch talks about the intimate details that have influenced his life and career.
Exhibition “Not really” by Umbrella Group
27 May – 18 Jun
ARS project space
Exhibition is curated by Kaisa Maasik and the participating artists are Maris Karjatse, Madis Kurss, Hanna Samoson, Silvia Sosaar and Ave Vellesalu. The members of Umbrella Group who are also the graduates of the Bachelor’s study in the department of photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts are driven by the idea that it is possible to make a subtle swap between reality and play.
Brand new “Estonian nature” is out
26 May – 30 Jun
Estonian Institute
The public presentation of “Estonian nature” takes place at the courtyard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History. The author of the text, Kristjan Piirimäe, will speak.  A guided tour of the museum’s exhibition “Secrets of the Ancient Sea” will take place at the presentation – https://kultuur.info/event/exhibition-secrets-of-the-ancient-sea/. If it rains,  then the event will move indoors.
Leonhard Lapin’s exhibition “Machines”
09 Jun – 18 Jul
Avangard Gallery
The exhibition “Machines”, which is dedicated to the 70th jubilee of Leonhard Lapin, brings to the audience the selected works from the master’s most well-known series “Machines” (“Woman-Machine”, “Man-Machine”, “Ovals”, “Crosses”, etc.) Some of the works are rarities, which have not been exhibited to the Estonian art audience for decades. In addition to the prints made in 1970, the new spatial installation “Temple of the Machines” (2017), which links different mechanisms and has just been completed, will also be shown. This man is a true art legend in Estonia so we say this one is a must!
Mextonia Festival
14 Jun – 22 Jun
Mextonia is the festival of “Transgrafiti Muralism” that celebrates deep cultural roots of Estonia, through murals created in public walls by Transgrafiti artists, as a gift from Mexico to Estonia. The gift on occasion of the first Centennial of the Republic of Estonia, and the arrival of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union to Tallinn. The festival features 36 transgrafiti artists from Estonia, 16 from México, 8 from the rest of the world. Murals will be produced in over 25 locations all over Tallinn and will cover a total surface of more than 5000 square meters of wall, with Mexican paint imported for this sole purpose.
Sõru Jazz
15 Jun – 18 Jun 
Hiiu County
More than 70 musicians will take to the stage, and good music, the murmur of the sea, and good time spent with friends can be enjoyed. The festival takes place in the harbours of Orjaku, Kalana and Sõru on the island of Hiiumaa. We can’t help but recommend it, because it has everything intertwined  in it, that the magical Estonian summer has to offer.
Timeless Music Festival 2017
15 Jun – 18 Jun
An international early music and historical dance festival for youngsters and pupil groups. Ensemble concerts of mediaeval, renaissance, and baroque music and dance, different workshops and other events take place.  The festival takes place in Kuressaare Episcopal Castle, St. Jacob’s Church and St. Laurentius Church, and the campgrounds.
Seto Folk “Towards the Woods”
16 Jun – 18 Jun
Värska Song Ground
The music and hiking festival Seto Folk is a festival, where experiences are born out of the co-influence of music and nature. Exciting concert venues (morning and night concerts at the barge, by the lake, on a forest clearing, in the archaic room of the farm museum, etc.) create an atmosphere, which allows the music really address the listeners. The hiking programme of Seto Folk takes the guests to the forests of Setomaa, where the hiking guides of State Forest Management help find the special places that would go undiscovered while exploring alone.
20th Suure-Jaani Music Festival
17 Jun – 23 Jun
The festival dedicated to composers Kapp, classical and Estonian music and musicians, offers something to every taste nevertheless. The pearl of the festival is the traditional sunrise concert taking place at 3 in the morning on the Hüpassaare bog island of Soomaa National Park, ending with the sounds of Edvard Grieg’s “Morning Mood”.
Lootvina ukulele summer party
17 Jun
Estonian and a little untraditional summer party in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia takes place – the ukulele summer party. On stage will be the pupils of the ukulele summer school, and the humorous Mafalda and Loreida will give a surprise performance.
Fourth summer season of Voronja gallery: Peter Belyi “Open Borders”
18 Jun – 16 Sep
Voronja Gallery
The exhibition is compiled by St. Petersburg-based artist and curator Peter Belyi, who has involved artists in the exhibition who work on creating connections between the organic and inorganic worlds and use nature or natural processes for creating art.