We are starting our year once again with our weekly recommendations of the local cultural events, but before that we’d like to wish you all a lovely new year full of culture!
4th Tartu Winter Music Festival
01 Jan – 08 Jan 2017
Tartu St John’s Church
The Tartu Winter Music Festival is a festival of chamber music in Tartu that offers lovely classics and musical display by Tartu’s very own professional musicians in Tartu St. John’s Church on every day of the first week of the new year.

6th bachFest Tallinn
01 Jan – 07 Jan 2017
For the sixth year in a row, Tallinn will start the New Year with marvelous sounds of music by the famous German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. The festival has become a tradition and an original, warm and beautiful New Year’s greeting of Tallinn to all the inhabitants and visitors of our capital.
Herkki-Erich Merila’s “Hyperpolis” at Tallinn City Gallery
… – 08 Jan 2017
Tallinn City Gallery
Acclaimed Estonian photo artist Herkki-Erich Merila casts an inquiring eye over the architecture and people of an anonymous Chinese metropolis. In Chongqing alone, a comparatively anonymous Chinese city, there are 30 million inhabitants and housing them has turned this settlement with a history of more than 2000 years into a megalopolis.
Kaarel Kurismaa, Raul Keller, Mari-Liis Rebane and Karl Saks “Timer”
… – 15 Jan 2017
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
At this exhibition, there are quite a few timers that tick, hum, sing or otherwise sound the time, along with four artists of various ages that measure different temporal and spatial experiences.
An evening with Kálmán
Theatre Vanemuine (small building)
An Evening with Kálmán consists of four abridged operettas whose lustre, bright orchestration and warm and inventive melodies will make this evening spent at the theatre an unforgettable experience.