Night of Museums and Toy Museum’s birthday party “Games in the Night and Honey in the Day”
The 23rd birthday of Tartu Toy Museum, “Games in the Night and Honey in the Day”, will be extra sweet and agreeable to the museum bears, as at 11 AM already the Estonian Beekeepers’ Association will be visiting. We will talk about honey, bees, and apiotherapy and a transparent beehive with real bees will be on display. In addition to talking, there will be something sweet to taste.
Night of Museums in Estonian National Museum
The Night of Museums in Estonian National Museum starts with a conference for the guests of ENM, where we introduce the story of the permanent exhibition and unveil the soon-to-be-opened national costume exhibition. Additionally, we will talk about the educational programmes and lots else interesting.
Night of Museums in Kadriorg Museum-Library
Kadriorg Museum-Library will be open for the occasion as well. From 17.00 to 22.00, everyone can test their knowledge of Kadriorg and its flora.
Free bus tour on Saaremaa at the Night of Museums
Saaremaa Museum invites everyone to visit Saaremaa’s schoolhouses and learn about their exciting past. The free bus tour of Saaremaa Museum, which took place for the first time last year and proved to be extremely popular, will take place on this Night of Museums again.
Night of Museums at the Zoo
“Games in the Night” in Tallinn Zoo. The exciting Night of Museums offers the guests an opportunity of making toys for both the residents of the zoo as well as domestic pets. The first 100 guests can go to the zoo’s adventure trail for free. After that, the zoologist Aleksei Turovski talks about the games in the animal kingdom. In the auditorium, the documentary film “The Dance of Nature”, the winner of Grand Prix at Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2007, is screened.
Night of Museums at Estonian Open Air Museum
“Games in the Night!” – this is the theme of this year’s Night of Museums. An adventurous and educational orienteering game “Help the Bride” can be played with a new mobile app. At 21.30 real Setos perform at Kolu pub – like museum exhibitions, but actually real.
Night of Museums 2017 “Games in the Night” in the Great Guild Hall of the Estonian History Museum
Estonian History Museum invites everyone to take part in the Night of Museums 2017 programme “Games in the Night”. In the Great Guild Hall, we will play the games that are over 500 years old as is suitable for a mediaeval house at the Night of Museums.
Night of Museums at the Tallinn Creative Hub
To mark the occasion, the Tallinn Creative Hub will keep its doors open from 18:00 to 00:30 and gives its guests the opportunity to walk around in the different rooms of the Creative Hub, even the ones that are usually inaccessible. The events include tours, exhibitions about history, and a music programme. Participants can play with fire, light, clouds, and electricity, learn about fun thinking games, try their hand at table tennis, create their own board games, and support the best Estonian model car racers.
Night of Museums in the Home Museum of the Writer Oskar Luts
Entrance is free of charge and during the entire Night of Museums the second floor of the building will host a large dice game drawn on the floor and Luts-themed memory game. Those who are interested are guided through the house and its expositions and that is not all.
Night of Museums in the KGB Cells Museum
The guests can access the basement part of the building where the political prisoners were held. Some of the cells, lock-ups and the basement’s hallway have been restored to their authentic look. Other former chambers are filled with an exposition giving an overview of the II World War, the crimes of the Communist regime, Estonia’s post-war fight for freedom, and the lives in distant prisoner camps in Siberia.
Night of Museums at Tartu Song Festival Museum
Everyone is welcome to visit Tartu Song Festival Museum on the Night of Museums. Entrance is free of charge.
Night of Museums in Tartu City Museum
Everyone is welcome to Tartu City Museum at the Night of Museums! During the entire Night of Museums, a hide-and-seek game can be played, a workshop corner is open for the children, the new temporary exhibition can be visited, and a pop-up-café is open.
Night of Museums at the Children’s Literature Centre
Come to play in the Children’s Literature Centre at the Night of Museums! Our games are inspired by children’s literature and books. In the library, seeking-the-book game can be played. In the hall on the second floor, there is the game of looking at the pictures. Pianist and improviser Farištamo Eller will make music in the balcony hall. Music will be accompanied by a pre-programmed video installation, which reacts to the pitch and volume of the sounds and plays along with the music, adding even more playfulness. In the attic, everyone can take part in a workshop and a badge chamber is also open.
Night of Museums at the Print and Paper Museum
The Print and Paper Museum invites everyone to explore their inner child during the Night of Museums! In the evening of May 20, games can be printed, folded, and played. All the activities can be joined whenever it is suitable, pre-registration is only necessary for the tours.
Night of Museums at the University of Tartu Natural History Museum
At the Night of Museums, both good old and new exciting nature games will be brought out. In the children’s corner, Estonian nature is introduced with the help of dog girl Lotte’s speaking pencil, Baltic Sea memory games take place, and puppets can be played with. The bigger guests can try their hand at and rack their brains at the board game created by the Natural History Museum itself – “Journey on the Baltic Sea”.
Night of Museums in the 19th Century Tartu Citizen Museum
An evening in the citizen’s home, music is made and books are read. The master of the house, E. R., spends time in the hall and roams the literary landscapes. Mistress of the house, Margaret, is busy in the kitchen and instructs the housemaids. Madame K. paints like she always does on Saturdays, and the master’s sister Luise fiddles with the flute. Daughters of the house, Adelheid and Leontine, are back from their spring outing as well.
Night of Museums in Pärnu Museum and Koidula Museum
In Pärnu Museum you can see a ballet performance by Kersti Adamson’s Ballet Studio. Games start in the museum every full hour. Representative of Pinwings, Aleksandr Kamenski, talks about butterflies and his hobby. The butterfly insectarium in the exhibition hall gets some new residents, still in pupa stage. A guided night tour of Pärnu organised by Pärnu Tour Guides Association starts from the foyer of Pärnu Museum. In Koidula Museum the Night of Museums is opened by young musicians with instrumental music. Hide-and-seek game starts in the museum’s permanent exposition. The game starts at every full hour.
Night of Museums at Eesti Pank Museum
They say that the whole life is a game, but is it worth playing with money? We certainly do! This year, 25 years passes from the birth of Estonian kroon and, on this occasion, it is good to remember both Koidula and the banknote with her picture. Wax figures have come to life in the museum exposition, who help to refresh the memory at the special exhibition and the memory game. The biggest money games and players from history are revealed. Competitions and workshops take place.
Night of Museums in Haapsalu
Foundation Haapsalu and Läänemaa Museums: Haapsalu Town Hall, Ilon’s Wonderland, Haapsalu Episcopal Castle, Railway and Communications Museum, Ants Laikmaa Museum are open until 22. A hide-and-seek game with prizes takes place in all the museums. An object has to be found in each museum, which is not normally in this museum’s exposition, a photo has to be taken with the object and posted on the museums’ Facebook pages. The most diligent players will receive awards!
Night of Museums at the Ice Age Centre: there are games in the ice age!
Several games introduce the Ice Age Centre during this year’s Night of Museums. A hiding drop of water can be searched throughout the building – through the game the players will learn what and who contain water. This night, for the first time, a new visitors’ game is opened in the centre – “Discover through Different Senses”.
Night of Museums at Sports Museum: night quiz and human table football!
Games in the Night. Indeed, sports can be played both day and night. Some claim that the best thoughts come to us during the night. Let’s try! Between 18 and 23, the permanent exhibition of the Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum is open for free for everyone. Starting at 18 o’clock, everyone can try out human table football. At 23 o’clock, the traditional super-popular night quiz takes place.
Night of Museums in Tapa Railway Station
Tapa Railway Station with its powerful water tower is unquestionably one of Estonia’s most distinguished railway structures. Their fate has been the cause for worry for years, but this winter the students of heritage protection, architecture and interior architecture of the Estonian Academy of Art and the engineering students of Tallinn Technical University worked out four different, but realistically implementable scenarios of how to put the station of Tapa to work again.
Night of Museums at the Museum of Estonian Architecture
The programme includes the hide-and-seek game “Secrets of the Salt Storage”, which will introduce the building of the museum as well as its exhibitions. A workshop of building towers of paper sticks will take place for families with children.