Not only are there some new cool exhibitions opened at the Estonian capital city Tallinn, but the spring is also full of music. The Estonian Music Days last until Saturday, Taff Club ends its season and the representatives of Electronic Folk Music gather in Viljandi. 

Exhibition “Kumu Hits. Contemporary Art from the
Collection of the Art Museum of Estonia”
08.04 – 28.08.2016
Kumu Art Museum (Tallinn)

Works that qualify as hits have been selected to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition sheds light on processes involving the museum, the artist, the audience and the work of art.

Exhibition „The Bold and the Beautiful.
Starred by: lichen and moss“
08.04.16 – 08.01.17
Estonian Museum of Natural History (Tallinn)

The exhibition introduces the extraordinary endurance and often underestimated value to our ecosystem and to people that lichens and mosses have. Lichens and mosses have habited the Earth for more than 450 million years. Besides their unique and beautiful looks, lichens and mosses are unusually strong – they can handle extremely cold temperature, freezing, strong sunlight and complete drying out.

Taff Club. Season Finale: Film Music Gems
House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads (Tallinn)
This evening’s programme brings to you the finest from Estonian and world film music, lots of joy of recognition and also surprises. The beautiful and talented Estonian singer Liisi Koikson will perform with Peedu Kass (bass), Marti Tärn (drums), Paul Daniel (guitar) and Raivo Tafenau (saxophone, accordion).
ENSO: Spring in Tallinn /Estonian Music Days

Estonia Concert Hall

Along with new works by famous Estonian composers Ülo Krigul, Mirjam Tally and Maria Kõrvits, this symphony concert of the Estonian Music Days will also feature two significant pieces from the turn of the century by Mari Vihmand and Lepo Sumera. The theme of this year´s festival Estonian Music Days is “Green sound?”

Concert series Improtest: Jean-Marc Montera / Marseille
Kanuti Gildi SAAL

Jean-Marc Montera is a French guitarist with origins in rock, specializing in free improvisation and sound experimentation, he performs solo and in different groups. Exploiting the full range of amplified and acoustic strings: resonances, percussion, distortions, extensions and misappropriations of all styles, he evokes a world of abstract sound and the daily mechanisms of life and the city.

Zetos rock
15.04 Tartu Gunpowder Cellar
16.04 Club Sinilind in Tallinn

The musical phenomenon called Zetod was born in 2003 as a youth band founded by Kristjan Priks in Värska, deep in the heart of Setomaa in Southeastern Estonia. The idea to have young Seto boys rendering their native culture in the key of pop rock seemed novel at the time and has led to a success never before experienced by arrangers of traditional music in Estonia.

Concert Series “Vitrages”: Dream Stream
Tallinn Creative Hub

A beautiful combination of music written at present and a century ago. Chamber-like sound settings by Estonian contemporary composers create impressive contrasts and dialogues with powerful symphonic sound paintings by Mahler. Although the decorations change, the eternal themes remain, recycle. Dream Stream is the closing event of the Estonian Music Days

Coastal Trip from Pärnu to Häädemeeste

Begins in front of the Hedon Spa Hotel (Pärnu)

The first Coastal Trip of the Year of Maritime Culture 2016 will take place in Pärnu and Häädemeeste (south-western Estonia). The first half of the day will include learning more about the beginning of settlement in the city of Pärnu, and its beach and resort milieu. In the afternoon, the Coastal Trip will take the participants to the village of Häädemeeste to learn about the coastal life and history of the region of Pärnumaa and visit a former ship-building site and the local museum.

II Festival of Electronic Folk Music
Estonian Traditional Music Centre (Viljandi)

The II Festival of Electronic Folk Music brings the most outstanding representatives of the genre back together to the Estonian Traditional Music Centre. The festival will offer thematic lectures, workshops, light installations, visual programme and naturally lots of music – from ambient sound journeys to beaty-bassy dance music.

Kadri Voorand Quartet “Armupurjus” (Drunk in Love)

Rakvere Smart House Competence Centre

“Armupurjus” (“Drunk in Love”) is the third album of Kadri Voorand, one of the most special jazz talents of Estonia. The singer is characterized by a passionate performance style, fantasy-rich improvisations and original creation, which fascinate both home audience as well as jazz lovers in different parts of the world.

On the cover photo: Liisi Koikson