This week should bring happiness especially for those culture lovers who are interested in fashion, street theatre, heritage culture, Prague Spring, books, contemporary circus, art in beautiful places, and different kind of surprising and practical experiences.

Estonian Fashion Festival
5–10 Jun

Three well-known fashion events in South-Estonia – Antonius Fashion Show, Fashion.Performance.Dance and OwnFashion – are connected to one major festival that reaches the Estonian as well as the international fashion audiences. The week-long festival programme includes three major fashion shows, exhibitions, fashion cinema, thematic discussions, design auction, fashion market and many other exciting events in Tartu.

Kumu Documentary: Ramen Heads
6 Jun
Kumu auditorium

In Koki Shigeno’s “Ramen Heads”, Osamu Tomita, Japan’s reigning king of ramen, takes us deep into his world, revealing every single step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect soup and noodles, and his relentless search for the highest-quality ingredients.

Festival “TaDaa!”
6–10 Jun Tallinn
12–13 Jun Narva
14 Jun Jõhvi
16–17 Jun Tartu

“TaDaa!” is an international street theatre festival featuring theatre, dance, music, circus and puppet theatre. The festival celebrates the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia by bringing local and international performances to the city streets in Tallinn, Narva, Jõhvi and Tartu over 10 magic filled days that will include public workshops, shows for all ages in loads of different street and indoor environments.

International Contemporary Circus Festival “HOOG 2018”
8–10 Jun

HOOG (in English: impulse) festival is a new international cross-disciplinary festival which, while connecting different fields of art, has its main focus on the contemporary circus. The festival features performances, artists, trainers, and professionals from all around the world, including France, Columbia, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. In addition to performances, there will be an extensive education programme providing practical experiences for both amateurs and professionals from different age groups, but also for people with disabilities. No animals involved.

Bushcraft Festival Estland 2018
8–10 Jun
Raudsilla Adventure Complex

Bushcraft Festival follows the format of similar festivals worldwide. Now the time has come to hold such an event in Estonia for the first time. It is a festival of wilderness activities, historical handicraft, and cultural heritage, aiming to offer a wide variety of workshops throughout the three action-packed festival days. We have set out to introduce and promote living in unison with nature and to perpetuate the fleeting wisdom and skills of our ancestors.

Prague Spring – The Czechoslovak New Wave films
8–10 Jun
Tartu Electric Theatre

Prague Spring brings eight films from the golden age of Czech cinema in the 1960s to the Tartu Electric Theatre. Many of these films have not been shown at the Estonian cinemas before.
Screenings include Oratorio for Prague, A Report on the Party and the Guests, The Firemen’s Ball, Ecce Homo Homolka, Daisies, Marketa Lazarová, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, and Intimate Lighting.

1 euro book fair
9 Jun
Bookstore REaD

The REaD book fair takes place for the fourth time already! A few thousand books are for sale at a price of 1 euro, small format and thin books are available with a price of 0.50 euros. There are books in Estonian, Russian, English, and German.

Summer solstice celebration of ethnic minorities in Estonia
9 Jun
The Estonian Open Air Museum

Several nationalities, including Estonians, celebrate the Midsummer’s Eve. However, among us, there are many representatives of nationalities who do not celebrate Midsummer’s Eve, but who still have an important place for the summer solstice in their folk calendar. According to the beliefs of many nations, the summer solstice is a time full of magic when you can secure a bright future for yourself by fulfilling the right rites, dancing, and singing. For this occasion we invite the representatives of several communities, to have a joyful summer party together. All visitors are welcome to listen and participate.

Kõivualutse Fair 2018
9 Jun

Kõivualutse day will take place in Põlva County, Kanepi parish, Ihamaru village on the birch alley beside the Postitee, which is considered to be the most beautiful road in Estonia. This birch alley has been a symbol of the Ihamaru village for decades. We would like to celebrate and recognize this one-and-a-half kilometer long road section with a folk party featuring dance, competitions, trading, and food. The day will be filled with performances of cultural ensembles from near and far.

Art festival “Toortuumik”
9 Jun

“Toortuumik” is an international festival of new media, landscape art, dance and bio art that takes place in peripheral areas. The opening day of the event is preceded by a five-day Nordic new media and dance artists’ residency programme, during which site-specific dance performances will take place and technological and organic works of art will be completed. Music is played by DJs and local home cafes are providing food. This cultural event is innovative and unique for both artists and art enthusiasts because the works of art are brought into nature – on the shores of the Väinameri, where there are no framed spaces that define the work.