This week Estonians all over the world will be celebrateing Midsummer Day, or Jaanipäev.  The shortest night of the year brings with it ancient traditions still alive and well today. The following events occuring in Estonia give you a chance to take part in those traditions: bonfires, music, dancing,  grilling, and games are integral parts of the celebrations, and offer some of the best times you will have this summer.

Seto Midsummer Day’s Bonfire
In Setomaa, the Midsummer Day’s Bonfire is held in July, according to the so-called old calendar. This year it will be July 8th-9th. There will be Seto Leelo choirs and dance ensembles with many of Estonia’s well-known pop and rock performers.

Viimsi white nights festival & Midsummer Night’s bonfire 2016
The White Nights festival is throwing a Midsummer Night’s bonfire at the Viimsi Open Air Museum. It will be held by the beach, offering a gorgeous view to enjoy throuhout the whitest night of the year. Performers at Viimsi Midsummer Night’s bonfire will be Folk Highlights Orchestra & Traffic.

Great summer fern dance party
There will be a great summer fern dance party on June 18 on Valgejõe Island in the town of Tapa. The programme includes traditional Midsummer Day’s games for everyone.

NO99 dance camp: solstice insomnia
There will be a dance camp to celebrate Midsummer’s Day. You can dance to well-known summer hits and also some crazily dreamlike songs. Maiken Schmidt, Märt Agu and Oliver Soomets will be dancing through the night of the solstice.

Midsummer Eve in Estonian Open Air Museum
The Midsummer Day’s party at the Estonian Open Air Museum is part of the larger Baltica International Heritage Festival taking place across the country. There will be music, dancing, singing and games.

Mändjala Midsummer Night’s Bonfire 2016
This year the Saaremaa Beach Party and the Mändjala Midsummer Night’s Bonfire are combined, which means twice the party. There will be different attractions, games and competitions. You can enjoy performances on two diferent stages.

Midsummer party in the “Noor Kaardivägi” Harbour Shed
There will be a Midsummer Day’s party in the Noor Kaardivägi Harbour Shed. Linna and Antti Kammiste will be performing.