Here are a large variety of recommendations for the becoming week. There are art exhibitions, movie screenings, performances of contemporary dance as well as theatre, stand-up comedy shows, guided tours and even a jew’s harp concert. Take your pick!
Sheri Wills’s personal exhibition “What does light remember?”
Draakon Gallery
7 Mar – 17 Mar
Sheri Wills’s projection-based exhibition explores metaphorical questions about the material nature of captured light in terms of its capacity to hold memories and illuminate erased landscapes. Light is physical material, while the play of light and shadows (cinema) creates an illusion of reality – and one can pass a hand right through it.
Exercises in Style
Writers’ House in Tallinn
12 Mar
“Exercises in Style” places writers in the middle of the theatre and actors in the midst of literature. Eva Koldits (NO99), Toomas Täht, Jan Kaus and Indrek Koff will be on the stage. The result is, at the same time, modernly fragmentary and traditionally textual – it blends together a theatrical performance, literary evening, stand-up, band rehearsal and, of course, life itself.
Film School #7: “The Thing”
Cinema Sõprus
12 Mar
John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) is one of those fantastic horror films that, without compromising on the exciting side, allows asking quite complicated questions, both philosophical and political. The story is about the struggle for survival by a research team meeting a strange external form of life, and in addition to the virtuous use of special effects, anxiety, despair and rage are clearly and powerfully drawn out. The characters in the film are forced to act under pressure, but as researchers, they want to understand what happened, to make their disaster rational.
Rebel Body Orchestra
Stage of Independent Dance
13 Mar
Rebel Body Orchestra is Sveta Grigorjeva’s new performative creation where she continues to study rebellion, revolution and being contra mainstream through the perspective of a contemporary body.
Von Krahl Theatre
13 Mar – 15 Mar
The mysterious meteorite falls in the middle of the deep Siberian taiga in 1908. Inside it is a special ice that peels the hearts open. It spreads from human to human and brings together a secret brotherhood from all over Russia. Melting ice opens the utopia, which changes the whole meaning of the 20th century that is very different from the traditional canon.
Comedy Estonia: English Comedy Night ft Fern Brady
GenClub, 14 Mar
Club Sinilind, 15 Mar
Fearless writing and lighting fast wit make Fern an exceptional comedian. She wrote the sitcom ‘Radges’ for the BBC3 Online Comedy Feeds and has performed Stand Up on numerous TV shows. Prior to entering comedy Fern was a Guardian award-nominated journalist and has also spoken about topical issues on Radio 4’s The Today Programme.
Seto Folk 2018 music night: presentation of Cätlin Mägi’s album “Mu pill parmupill”
Steding House, Võru
16 Mar
Cätlin Mägi’s solo album “Mu pill parmupill” contains traditional music. The songs are not played with one instrument, it sound like a jew’s harp orchestra as the virtuoso presents a repertoire that requires the handling of several jew’s harps at the same time. This approach is novel to many and makes the music of this seemingly monotonous instrument nuanced and diverse.
Guided Tour around the Estonian National Opera
Estonian National Opera
16 Mar
Would you like to see more of Tallinn Opera House or learn about life of the Estonian National Opera and Ballet? Join us for a 1-hour guided tour and gain an insight into some of the many facilities the Opera House has to offer and what goes on behind the scenes before the curtain rises.