Most of the coolest festivities this week are held outdoors, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the weather is fine, but there are also events for the indoorsy ones of us!

Tallinn Guitar Festival 2018
9–15 Jun
All over Estonia

For the 13th time, the Tallinn Guitar Festival offers memorable musical experiences, bringing the world’s top musicians to Estonia in all the various styles of guitar music. Concerts will be held at the House of Black Heads, Kumu auditorium, Niguliste Church, Tallinn TV Tower, Kadrioru Castle, Glass Hall of the Song Festival Grounds, Jõhvi Concert House, in Tartu, Pärnu, and Rakvere on June 9–15. We hear jazz, classics, fingerstyle, folk, Brazilian, Argentinean and Mediterranean music, and our own Nordic guitar music.

Documentary evening #42: Our New President
11 Jun
Cinema Sõprus

Our New President is a satire about the Russian media and its take on American politics. Moving between Kremlin-controlled network news and colorful reinterpretations of this news diet by average Russians, the film charts Trump’s election using footage produced by Putin’s propaganda machine.

Street Art Festival “Stencibility”
11–17 Jun
Tartu and other places

“Stencibility” is an annual street art festival that began in 2010 in Tartu, and now it simultaneously takes place in other cities as well. The name of the festival is a reference to the stencil technique. The festival is about introducing, promoting and creating new street art. Guided tours and street art maps are available.

Nature Festival 2018
13–16 Jun
All over Estonia

The 4th Nature Festival will also be held outside of Tartu. During the four days of the festival, it will be explored who are the natural neighbors of people in the city and in the countryside, how to live in the city in environmentally friendly manner and much more. Exciting events are held during the festival: film nights, workshops, nature trips, voluntary work, nature watch marathon.

Sõru Jazz
14–17 Jun
Hiiu County

More than 70 musicians will take to the stage, and good music, the murmur of the sea, and good time spent with friends can be enjoyed. Sõru Jazz is like a joyous party with a big family, the atmosphere of the festival is homelike and friendly. In addition to the coziness, the festival offers very good performers from both Estonia and abroad for different tastes. You can hear the mellow sounds, but also louder music.

XXIV Country Folk Fair
16–17 Jun

The fair’s primary goods are handicrafts and everything produced by farmers, country products necessary for country people. But someone with a different taste will not be disappointed either: the assortment of merchandise offers something suitable for everyone.

Cinema Dentata #10: Spider
16 Jun
Cinema Sõprus

The B-horror gem filmed in Latvia and Estonia has come back out of oblivion – and there’s a reason for that. The erotic horror fantasy, which is truly inventive considering its limited budget, allows us to note with satisfaction that the film history of Estonia is worth discovering. PG 18!

International Tallinn Flower Festival
25 May – 24 Aug
Towers Square Park

The themes of the gardens are “Best Wishes in the Language of Flowers” and “Reflection of History in the Garden.” The themes were chosen by the experienced jury to give a new face and look to the festival celebrating jubilee this year and to offer all visitors a feast for the eye throughout the summer. Just like in previous years, the stories of gardens can be read from the boards next to the gardens, where information about the idea, the plants, the authors and the origins can be obtained. The thematic gardens are opened throughout the summer and everyone interested can observe the life of gardens at its various stages of life.

Haapsalu Graphic Design Festival 2018
2 Jun – 1 Jul
Haapsalu Cultural Centre

The Haapsalu City Gallery will host the international competition-exhibition “Individuality ’18” on the internationally relevant theme “Dialogue”. Participants in the competition implemented the opportunities of graphic design on a very large scale using typography, calligraphy, illustration, photography, various painting techniques and, of course, a mix of many techniques. A total of 162 works were received from the European Union, Russia, Equador, Belarus, Ukraine, China, Iran, and Indonesia. The jury of professionals chose 82 works for the exhibition.