In order to bring sand, sea and campfire heat closer to our readers, we prepared a selection of events for The Night of Ancient Bonfires. It really is a great moment to go to the seaside!

Night of Ancient Bonfires and concert of Jäääär in Osmussaar
24–26 Aug

Dinner at the lighthouse, a tour on the island with a guide, concert of Jäääär, etc. Take along comfortable clothes, a tent and a sleeping bag.

Night of Ancient Bonfires at Stroomi Surf Club
25 Aug
Stroomi Surf Club

We come together, light the bonfire, go to the sea with the SUP boards, and after dusk, we dance on the sandy beach. Music by DJ Chrisma.

Night of Ancient Bonfires at Tuhkana Beach
25 Aug
Tuhkana Beach

Take along a picnic basket, and if possible, your own musical instrument.

Night of Ancient Bonfires on the historic ship
25 Aug
Seaplane Harbour

The Estonian historic sailing ship Hoppet (Hope) 1926 is also part of the Night of Ancient Bonfires to recall the historic lights on the shore and the maritime traditions that have sunk into history. The initial plan is to sail across the Tallinn Bay (Viimsi, Aegna, Naissaar, Paljassaare, Pirita, the City Centre) approximately from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. We can also enjoy the concert at the Seaplane Harbour from the sea and live music on board.

Night of Ancient Bonfires in the Seaplane Harbour
25 Aug
Seaplane Harbour

18.00–19.00 DJ Peeter Morna
18.30 Spectacular rising of the metal gates of the Seaplane Harbour’s hangar
19.00–19.45 Tintura presents electronic Estonian music from their debut album “Ebaõiglase uni”
19.45–20.45 Troubadour Silver Sepp on his Boat with white sails of hope (on the picture)
20.45 Lighting the bonfire on the shore (next to the Seaplane Harbour marina)
21.00–22.00 DJ Peeter Morna and the bonfire

Night of Ancient Bonfires Haven Kakumäe Marina
25 Aug
Haven Kakumäe Marina

There will be performances by Taisi’s singing children, ensemble Kompass and fire artists. Local home chefs will offer their food.

Spitham Night of Ancient Bonfires with Jarek Kasar
25 Aug
Spitham Holiday Houses

Who would not know Jarek Kasar’s (Chalice’s) song “Harald and Matilda”? This time you can hear this song like you have never heard it before – accompanied by birdsong and wind in the midst of the wilderness of Spitham.

Night of Ancient Bonfires in Pärnu moat
25 Aug
Pärnu moat

Music by Estonian stars Terminaator, Shanon and 5Miinust.

Night of Ancient Bonfires at Viimsi Open Air Museum
25 Aug
Viimsi Open-Air Museum

Take a picnic basket and have a great evening with family or friends accompanied by bagpipe and accordion music and beautiful sea view at Viimsi Open Air Museum. Music by Mari Tammar and Priit Laatre. Traditional song and dance games will be played. The evening will end with the joint singing.

Night of Ancient Bonfires in Mändjala
25 Aug
Mändjala camping ground

We will send the summer away at the Mändjala Camping Beach with Marek Sadam.

Night of Ancient Bonfires by the Kuigatsi impounded lake
25 Aug
Kuigatsi impounded lake

Twilight music is performed by the band Jauram.

Night of Ancient Lights in Vormsi
25 Aug

Huge bonfire on the beach. A little bit crazy punk-rock-dance music with a band called Pööloy Gläänz.

Night of Ancient Bonfires in Lindi
25 Aug
Port of Lindi

Music by Astrid Nõlvak and Olavi Kõrre. Dance moves by Lindi Lappajad. We also put up a big tent – you can dance, sit and enjoy the meals you brought along.

Night of Ancient Bonfires at Lohusalu Harbour
25 Aug
Lohusalu Harbour

Three legends from the 90s on one stage: 2 Quick Start, Smilers and Mr. Happyman, music is played by Hit FM DJ Priit Allas.

Night of Ancient Bonfires in Pöide
25 Aug
Pöide/Kahutsi hillfort

8 p.m. – Liis Lemsalu
9.30 p.m. – Revals
11 p.m. – Must Hunt

The evening ends with fireworks.

Night of Ancient Bonfires in Tuhala
25 Aug

We will light a bonfire on the shores of Tuhala River. Come and take your friend with you! And do not forget the picnic basket!

Night of Ancient Bonfires and concert at Meossaare chapel
25 Aug
Kabala Community Centre

The concert is held at the Meossaare chapel. If it’s raining, the concert will be at the Kabala Community House. Ensemble LUHA 9 will perform.

Night of Ancient Bonfires at Österby harbour
25 Aug
Österby Harbour

Together we will declare our love for the sea and light a bonfire at the Österby harbour to be a part of a huge chain of bonfires on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The evening will continue at the Noarootsi Pub with an acoustic concert by Henry Laks.

Night of Ancient Bonfires 2018 at Kihnu Power Station
25 Aug
Kihnu Power Station

The Kihnu Marine Society continues their tradition. For the ninth time already, the ancient bonfire is lit by the power station. We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Estonia and the 170th anniversary of Kihnu Jõnnu. Dance music is played by the orchestra Tuulelõõtsutajad.

100 Ancient Bonfires at Vergi harbour
25 Aug
Vergi harbour

At the Night of Ancient Bonfires, we will light up 100 small bonfires at the Vergi harbour to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia among other things. Music by Arop and The Tuberkuloited. DJ set by Heiko Merikan.