1 August – Holy Maccabean Martyrs’ Day. For Setos, Holy Maccabean Martyrs’ Day was when they worshipped water. On this day water was blessed in the church during a prayer. Birth Anniversary: Estonian writer and Feminist Lilli Suburg 180

8 August – International Cat Day.

10 August – Saint Lawrence’s Day. It is one of the many holidays that mark the beginning of the harvesting period. Still there is one aspect that makes Saint Lawrence’s day unique: the beliefs related to fire. It was considered better to refrain from anything to do with lighting fire on this day in early August: heating the kiln or the stove in the summer kitchen and even lighting a candle was forbidden because it could bring on a fire. To avert danger, a sauna switch and a bucket of water were left on the stove for Saint Lawrence to take a bath. Jubilee: Estonian singer and actress Helgi Sallo 80

15 August – Assumption of Mary Day. This day marks the time for sowing rye. To be more precise, a folk belief states that rye sowing should be started three days before the Assumption. A break had to be made for the holiday itself; otherwise rye would be poor. Sowing was allowed for another three days after the Assumption of Mary Day. 

18 August – Florus’ and Laurus’ Day. It is primarily known in the areas where Russian settlers lived. There is little information about it. Mainly what folklore says is that it was horses’ holiday, and they could not be used for work.

19 August – Paschal Day. One of many Setos’ holidays. Its other name, ‘apple day’ explains its meaning better. Namely, eating apples and other fruit was allowed after Paschal Day.  To make sure there is good yield, people brought apples to the church to give away and for blessing. 

20. August  – Independence Restoration Day, 30 years since Estonia restored its independence in 1991. Jubilee: Estonian sculptor Mare Mikoff 80.

August 22 – Jubilee: painter Uno Roosvalt 80.

23 August  –  European Day of Remembrance For Victims of Stalinism and Nazism. The day when the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed in 1939.

24 August – Saint Bartholomew’s Day. This day marks the beginning of autumn. It is the time when ground frosts start, swallows begin leaving for the south, and cows yield less milk. On the other hand, it is a good period to start gathering honey; nuts are ripening and lots of mushrooms grow. 

29 august – ‘Ivanoskorona’ in Seto (on the date of Saint John’s Beheading Feast)  In Estonia this holiday has only been celebrated in Setomaa. Folklore has retained very little about the rituals traditional for this day. We only know that men named Ivan had to buy a bottle of drink because it was their name-day. Cutting vegetables was forbidden too.

Folk calendar via Estonian Open Air Museum’s website.

Whole month

Exhibition “Modern Love (or Love in the Age of Cold Intimacies)

The exhibition Modern Love looks at love and human relations in the current age of the internet, social media and high capitalism – the first age of “cold intimacy”. The exhibition looks at how the digital world, technology giants and neoliberalism have changed love and social relations, while at the same time diluting the separation between the public and the private. The exhibition also looks at how the current issues of time and space have influenced the way we communicate with one another and how the virtual has become entwined with reality. These are still two quite distinct things, although the opposite is announced. Modern Love deals with human pathologies connected to the commodification of feelings and the negative expressions of love (e.g. love for money), and for comparison it also delves into meaningful and transformative forms of love, from the personal to the political. 

Where: Tallinn Art Hall, Vabaduse väljak 8

When: June 19th – September 5th

Tickets: 0-12 €

Whole month

“Heaps of happiness!?” – an exhibition about well-being, mental health, and balance

Discussions about what really matters in life are as old as humankind. The subject of happiness is full of mystery and raises many questions. What is happiness? How can you find it? Why are some people and nations happier than others? These issues interest psychologists, philosophers, politicians, and each and every one of us when we start to contemplate our lives. There are people who can be happy and content regardless of difficult times. Others cannot feel any joy in their lives and circumstances even when they have many positives.

In May, the Estonian Health Museum opens a new exhibition ‘Heaps of Happiness!? An exhibition on well-being, mental health, and balance’. The exhibition explores what makes people happy and highlights issues of mental health and coping. We share practical tips for concentrating on our positive inner strength and make conscious efforts towards a better life.

Where: Estonian Health Museum, Lai 30

When: May 18th 2021 – May 15th 2022

Tickets: 5 – 8 €

August 6th – August 14th

Birgitta festival

Throughout the years, Birgitta Festival has established itself a steady place in the landscape of music surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Open for all genres of stage music, the festival is in a continuous development while every year surprising its audience with new exciting projects. The unique mood at Pirita Convent and the festival programme full of music and performance arts complement each other perfectly well.

Programme this year

Where: The Pirita Convent, Merivälja tee 18

When: August 6th till August 14th

Tickets: 15-150 €

August 6th until October 10th

Exhibition “Wearing A Hundred Shirts”

Affordable, hygienic and convenient. Everyone wears T-shirts regardless of their cultural background, gender, ethnicity and income. Unisex T-shirts are often considered one of the most utilitarian pieces of clothing because they are very ambivalent compared to other everyday cultural objects – ordinary yet prominent, cheap yet costly, boring yet interesting, democratic yet dominant, sustainable yet destructive. This exhibition deals with the multifaceted set of problems in modern society manifested in this simple everyday garment.’

Where: Art Hall Gallery, Vabaduse väljak 6

When: August 6th until October 10th

Tickets: 4-12 €

Until August 15th

Applied art exhibition “Translucency”

Applied art in its many forms is taking over Kai Art Center this summer!

The extensive applied art exhibition “Translucency” includes 21 artists from the Nordic countries, the UK, the Netherlands, the US, Lithuania and Estonia.

The show, curated by the Danish art historian and glass artist Stine Bidstrup, focuses on the phenomenon of translucency – the mysterious and multifaceted area between transparency and opacity. Artworks exhibited at Kai are conceptual, playful and experimental. The artists look at themes like presence and absence, the private and the public, individuality and collectivity, time and temporality, politics and language, material decay and structural defects.

The exhibition features a variety of fields, techniques and materials: glass, textile, ceramics, garments, photography, sculpture, installation, jewellery, video, furniture, 3D printing, digital design etc. Alongside the international main exhibition, the 8th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial also has an exciting satellite programme, including over 20 satellite exhibitions, installations and other events taking place in various locations all over Tallinn.

When: May 29th – August 15th

Where: Kai Art Center, Peetri 12

Tickets: 5-8 €

August 12th – August 15th

Tallinn Old Town Days

Tallinn Old Town Days is a lively party of several days taking place in the unique medieval old town, celebrating the cultural heritage, history and vibrancy of this part of the capital of Estonia. First organized in 1982, it is a tradition during which several free concerts, shows, exhibitions, sports events etc will be available all over the old town.

Where: Tallinn old town

When: August 12th – August 15th

August 21st

Vanamõisa Open Air Handicraft Fair

Starting at 10 AM at Vanamõisa Open Air Centre in Saue, Harju County, Estonia.


In addition to more than 400 craftsmen offering a diverse range of products you can participate in exciting crafts workshops throughout the day.

At the spectacular Estonian Food Tent, about 100 of the best Estonian farm and organic producers will offer their products. Partake in this year’s fresh harvest, enjoy genuine farm food on the spot, or get enough goods to fill your pantry. Enjoy the Estonian Master Chef’s Culinary Workshops while you browse the food stands.

Take part in exciting activities and enjoy a varied entertainment program throughout the day. And also beloved Estonian performers will give a spectacular performance in the evening.

When: August 21st 10 a.m.

Where: Vanamõisa Open Air Centre, Vabaõhukeskuse tee 20, Vanamõisa

August 26th – 27th

Tallinn Food Truck Festival 2021

Tallinn Food Truck Festival 2021 – the most mouth-watering feeling festival of this summer, a real festival of food on wheels and a great mood, which will be held on the 26th and 27th of August on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The entertainment involves concerts and DJs, huge tivoli park opened during the whole day (more than 20 rides for kids and adults) and a kid zone “Summer Fairytale Land”. Entrance 2 €.

Where: Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Narva mnt 95

When: August 28th, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Ticket: 2 €

August 28th

Night of Ancient Bonfires

Let us light bonfires together along the coastline of the Baltic Sea. Come to the shore of the Baltic Sea which unites all of us. It is a link between our neighbours, fellow-countrymen and people from all around the Sea.

Now is the time to think about the significance of the Sea. The Sea must be well-kept and protected in order for own sake and for the sake of our descendants.

Let us come to the sea which our ancestors have kept so well.

When: the evening and night of August 28th.

Where: all over Estonia and other countries around the Baltic Sea.

Map of public bonfires and events with admission fee

The calendar was created with the support from Tallinn city and Kodurahu programme.