Here it is, the last week on July. Soon the last  month of the Estonian summer is here, so better enjoy the outdoors!

July 26th– August 30th
St. John’s Church, Tartu

Towermusic is a series of concerts in the intimate setting of the organ balcony in the tower of St. John’s Church.  The concert series is organized to promote local culture, and does so by offering a unique opportunity to both the Estonian musicians and to listeners.

Exhibition “Sea as Fate. The Story of a Man from Hiiumaa
May 14th – September 30th
Kassari, Hiiu County

As part of a year-long celebration of maritime culture, this exhibit in the little village of Kassari presents the stories of Hiiumaa’s sailors.  It combines historical facts and personal narratives to form the story of one fictional sailor named Gustav, representing the kind of life typical of the local sailors from the 19th century.  His narrative is supplemented with a collection of artifacts and photographs from other nearby museums.

Viljandi Folk Music Festival
July 28th-31st

This folk music festival is well loved and well attended.  Though the majority of the performances feature music native to Estonia, traditional music from further away places like Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and even Korea are also featured.  The theme of this year’s festival is the woman’s voice, in commemoration of 99 years since women got the right to vote in Estonia.

Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra Summer Concert
July 31st, 20:00
Kassitoome Valley, Tartu

This summer concert played in the open air of Kassitoome Valley in the heart of Tartu is the result of bringing back an old tradition.  At no cost, the people of Tartu along with the visitors such an event is sure to attract will get to enjoy the beautiful classical music as performed by the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra and directed by Paul Mägi.

John Digby and Jean-Louis Cerisier Exhibit
May 28th – August 3rd, 11:00-18:00
Kondas Center, Viljandi

This foreign exhibit displays the work of two artists – one American-English, the other French.  John Digby is a collage artist and poet who found inspiration for this particular collection in Chinese moon poetry, which is translated into English and Estonian at the exhibit.  Cerisier’s paintings combine dream with reality and find their inspiration in nature and folk art.

World-changing design exhibition “Idealists”
July 1st-August 14th, Wednesday-Sunday, 12:00-18:00
Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn

Curator Karin Paulus invited artists to participate in this exhibition who believe in changing the world for the better through their art.  These artists confront environmental, social, industrial, and ethical issues in this very unique collection.

Estonian History Museum Opens Outdoor Exhibition at Klooga Memorial
16th September 2013 – 31st December 2016
Near Klooga suburb

The,  exhibition in the Klooga concentration camp makes more information available about the tragic events that occurred there than has been available before. It is all a painful  part of our history, but  one must still remember, even the awful parts.

Printmaking IN festival 2016
23rd July – 15th August 2016

Any festival, that brings together different cultural fields and gathers artists, writers and audiovisual multidisciplinary talents, can not be a bad festival!

XXX Tallinn International Organ Festiva
 28th July  – 7th August 2016
Almost all leading organ players have played here. The festival  also includes chamber choir and orchestra concerts and master classes for organ players.