A lot of festive events are happening this week.  We gathered information about concerts,  a festival, exhibitions, films and a lot more. Enjoy and keep warm!
Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock
Estonian National Opera
In March 2014, Estonian theaters decided to gift the Republic of Estonia a grandiose stage project, which will present the audiences a story of a century of the republic. In the framework of the project, 24 theaters will create 12 performances from the autumn of 2017 until the spring of 2018. The theaters raffled partners and divided the decades amongst themselves. Fortune chose for the joint effort of the Estonian National Opera and the Kanuti Gildi SAAL to reflect the sixties.
Exhibition “Let’s Add Some Colour. Estonian Exhibition Posters from the 1980s”
17 Jan – 6 May
Kumu Art Museum
The title says a lot here. The increasing role of poster art in the 1980s’ art scene in Estonia was accompanied by experiments with printing techniques and artistic styles. The poster entered into dialogue with other types of art and introduced a number of innovative techniques into visual culture. This exhibition is a real ray of sun in this glum and cold winter.
Reval Folk: Leana and Hartwin (Estonia/Flanders)
19 Jan
Old Town Music House
Reval Folk presents: Estonian-Flemish folk duo Leana and Hartwin with pipes, bagpipes and diatonic accordion on the 19th of January at Old Town Music House. The introductory performer is Maimu Jõgeda. The Old Town Music House in Tallinn is a must visit place in Estonia.  The ambiance is magical, especially in the winter!
Intsikurmu Winter Festival 2018
20 Jan
Theatre NO99
For the third time already, the ancient forest park moves from Põlva to Tallinn in the winter. Intsikurmu Winter Festival consists of enjoyable music, a good time, and many great people. Some of these great people are performers, for example, Inger, Sumra, Mick Moon, Rainer Ild, Mees Inc., Orelipoiss, Avoid Dave, ГШ / Glintshake (RUS), Lexsoul Dancemachine, DJ-MEK aka Maryn E. Coote / Marynel-Marju Kuut.
François Ozon’s erotic thriller “Amant Double”
20 Jan
Tartu Electric Theatre
During his career, François Ozon has directed melodramas, comedies, psychological thrillers and musicals. His new work is an erotic thriller. “Amant Double” polarized critics and audiences already last year when it premiered in the competition programme of the Cannes Film Festival. This movie is definitely for grown-ups, so we don’t recommend it for youngsters.
Finland-Estonia 200 – friendship concert
20 Jan
Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum
A long-lasting friendship could lead to many beautiful things. In this case, it is leading to a wonderful concert. To mark the centenary of both Finland and Estonia, two choirs – one from Finland, the other from Estonia – will hold a free concert at the Estonian War Museum. Both Finland and Estonia celebrate a major milestone in the countries’ history, the 100th anniversary.
Two solos
21 Jan
The chamber hall at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
The two finalists of the television competition “Stars of Classical Music”, Tanel-Eiko Novikov (percussion) and Arko Narits (piano) will perform with their solo programmes and it is surely going to be a wonderful thing to experience.
Competition of Classical Art Memes at Kadriorg Art Museum
15 Nov 2017 – 25 Feb 2018
Kadriorg Art Museum
And last but definitely not least recommendation is a combination of art and humour! At the darkest time of the year, the Kadriorg Art Museum offers an exceptional opportunity to see the exhibition “With a Curious Eye. Mannerist Painting from the National Museum in Warsaw”. To spice up the exhibition experience a little more, the museum announced a competition of classical art memes. To get a piece of this lovely action, you should click the link in the title.