This week there is something for everyone, especially for the ladies. As you know on the 8th of March the international Womansday is in session.

Tudengijazz (Student Jazz) 2017
07 Mar – 10 Mar

Tudengijazz, which is an international festival for students full of rhythmic music, is dedicated to students studying music and to their fresh ideas. The aim of the festival is to support international joint projects, introduce jazz to the young, and give the students a chance to learn and develop by performing with their bands.

Tour of community centres: Sandra Vabarna, Jalmar Vabarna, Harri Lindmets and young folk musicians
8 Mar -12 Mar

Tori Community Centre/Iisaku Community Centre
Tabivere Community Centre/Nõuni Cultural Centre/ Haanja Community Centre. Estonian Traditional Music Centre organises another tour inspired by the historic tours of August Pulst, taking folk music to the people. The guest of the concert will be able to see how lively and multi-layered Estonian traditional music is as musicians from three generations will take the stage. In every community centre, local young talents will make music, too, giving a hint of the future of our folk music.

Ladyfest Tallinn 2017
08 Mar – 12 Mar

The festival provides intersectional and interdisciplinary treatments of women’s culture, human rights, gender, sexual and minorities issues and supports activism, collective activities and the creation of networks at the most basic level.

Exhibition “Mediaeval Pleasures. Celebrations of the Great Guild on the 15th-16th Century”
…– 07 May
Great Guild Hall of the Estonian History Museum

The exhibition of the Estonian History Museum introduces the celebrations and the diversity of the celebration rituals of the high society of the 15th and 16th century in the Great Guild Hall. At the feasts of the Guild, beer and wine flowed, one could try oriental spices, the scents of which waft through the exhibition hall today, and enjoy the best dishes.

Series Diplomatic Notes. English Femme Fatales
08 Mar
House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads

The programme includes Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I’s confrontation scene from the opera “Maria Stuarda”, Anna Bolena’s aria from the eponymous opera, excerpts from operas “Lucia di Lammermoor” and “Lady Macbeth”, songs from musicals “Chicago”, “My Fair Lady” and others.

Concert of Rändaja on Women’s Day
08 Mar
Hopner House

Rändaja’s repertoire includes smooth and soft sounding Estonian-language songs that touch, breathe, and carry through a magical world music sound journey. Rändaja carries and creates sweetly melodic atmosphere, which is held by lyrics in the mother tongue. While making music together, a kind of a magical ring is born, in which every participant adds an element to the whole and where no song sounds exactly the same to the listener when played another time.

08 Mar /15 Mar
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

Femmage is a homage to five women who made revolutions with solos in contemporary dance in their time. And if not revolutions, then at least something that shook up the understanding of dance and thinking about dance in general. “Femmage” is like a retrospective, but really not, as we will not quote the solos one-on-one, but make our own based on them, inspired by them, on impulse.

Exhibition “Life on Earth and in the country”
04 Mar -16 Apr
Tallinn Art Hall

As of March 4th, the 17th Survey Exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association titled “Life on Earth and in the country” will be on display at the Tallinn Art Hall. “Can we get cottage cheese from curd snacks? Is the Earth flat? Is there a forest behind the trees?” asks Mari Kartau, the curator of the exhibition, who knows that these trick questions are not just hot air, but actually hit the mark. The works created for this exhibition, which was born of a collaboration between the Artists’ Association and the weekly Maaleht in celebration of the newspaper’s thirtieth anniversary, are living witnesses to this; because as the curator recognises, this art tends to decrease the nostalgic, romantic and utopian picture of country life that is divorced from reality.

ENSO Baroque
10 Mar
Estonia Concert Hall

Performing alongside ENSO soloists will be Stefan Temmingh, representing the young generation of world-class recorder players. “Never before did a recorder sound so effortless and so differentiated in terms of timbre and dynamics,” enthused one review of his highly acclaimed debut CD “Corelli à la mode,” released in 2009. His second CD “The Gentleman’s Flute” was immediately nominated for the International Classical Music Awards 2011.

Concert by ensemble Naised Köögis
11 Mar
Tõstamaa Manor

Tõstamaa manor invites you to the concert “Naistelt naistele” (“From Women to Women”). Song are performed and stories told by jutustavad Naised Köögis (Women in the Kitchen).

Exhibition “Life on Earth and in the country”
11 Mar
Von Krahl Theatre Bar

Under Your Skin are an energetic alternative rock band based in Tallinn, Estonia. The band formed originally in the summer of 2006 as a 3-piece, actively playing live and recording until 2011. Now they are back! After some time out, the band, consisting of Phil Mills (UK) on guitar and vocals, Marek Puust (EST) on bass, and Rene Väli (EST) on drums, continued working on their album in the summer of 2016. All the songs have since been remixed, a few new songs added, and others re-worked. During the process, Brian Taulbee (USA) joined the band bringing a second guitar and backing vocals into the mix.

The 44th edition of the Estonian Literary Magazine has been published!
This just in
The Estonian Institute(Suur-Karja 14)

And here is a piece of great news for everyone, who is interested in Estonian literature.The spring edition of the Estonian Literary Magazine has been issued in time for the London Book Fair. The fresh number offers several portrait stories: Berk Vaher writes about his great favourite, the luminary of Estonian literature’s magic realism, Nikolai Baturin, Jan Kaus gives an overview of the colourful personality and creation of the European Union Prize for Literature laureate Paavo Matsin. There is also an interview with one of the shiniest Estonian writers of the recent years, Indrek Koff.