You’re welcome to check out our weekly culture recommendations below. We have a feeling it’s going to be a very eventful and interesting week!
Saskia Järve. Exhibition “Memory Fades II”
12 Jan – 19 Feb 2017
Tallinn City Gallery
At the exhibition by painter Saskia Järve at Tallinn City Gallery, the artist, whose work looks at the transformation of memories over time, in this instance, tackles collective rather than personal memories. “How correctly do we remember events from our lives?” asks Järve and among other motifs paints a possible empress, a ghostly Estline ship and a failed bank robbery.
Exhibition “Conductors of Colour. Music and Modernity in Estonian Art”
…–28 Aug 2017
Kumu Art Museum
What is the role of the painter in a society of “singing people”? This exhibition explores such questions, revealing how music and sound –from the ancient strumming of Vanemuine’s golden kannel and chants of regilaulud to the modern clatter of cafés and the abstraction of the Jazz Age – have transformed modern visual culture in Estonia.
Exhibition of collections of cultural values Collect, Keep, and Share. Recording
…–31 Jan 2017
Pärnu Museum of New Art
The topic of the IV exhibition of collections of cultural values is RECORDING. These include photos, paintings, sounds, and notes – recordings we can read as the script of our past. With the exhibition, the artists want to share the following message with the visitors: Collect, keep, and share. Share beauty with everyone who looks for it and appreciates it…
Awarded Films of the XXX Pärnu Film Festival
18th of Jan
Kumu auditorium
The audience is presented by the the XXX Pärnu Film Festival’s best art film, the best short documentary and the film, which won the Grand Prize for the best artistic achievement. Introduction by Mark Soosaar and Vaiko Edur.
“Wave on Parquet” by Peeter Ulas, Villu Jaanisoo and Maria Metsalu
20 Jan – 19 Feb 2017
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
The exhibition includes the works of graphic artist Peeter Ulas (1934-2008), sculptor Villu Jaanisoo (1963) and performance artist Maria Metsalu (1990). Can any common ground can be found in Ulas’s graphic art, Jaanisoo’s sculptural installation and Metsalu 3D animation videos ? If the answer is yes, can these common elements resonate through the many differences caused by time and ideologies?
Must Kast presents „Balloons“
20 Jan–17 Feb
Theatre House
“Balloons” is a melodic and playful production for children, inspired by Daniil Harms’ a bit absurd children stories and fables. The most striking part of this production is probably the lack of verbal expression – rather, the actors make sounds, talk and sing but not in any existing language. presents: Thank you, Valter Ojakäär!
20 Jan
Theatre NO99 Jazz Club
Valter Ojakäär was and still is a prominent figure of Estonian Jazz. On the 20th of January, Estonian Jazz Union opens its spring season with a tribute concert to Valter Ojakäär, the Father of Estonian Jazz. Singers Liina Saar, Ivi Rausi and Helin-Mari Arder will appear before you, accompanied by some excellent Estonian jazz musicians: Jaan Jaanson (guitar), Ara Yaralyan (double bass), Aleksandra Kremenetski (drums) and Danel Aljo (saxophone).
Abundance and Ephemerality. Still Lifes from Finnish and Baltic Collections
21 Jan – 14 May 2017
Kadriorg Art Museum
The compositions by the 17th– and 18th-century Netherlandish, Italian and French masters of flower bouquets, fruit baskets and elegantly covered breakfast tables, as well as their compositions of hunting trophies, have charmed viewers for centuries with the mastery of their painting techniques and allegorical subtexts. Along with earlier paintings, this exhibition also includes works by contemporary artists from Finland and the Baltic countries that relate technically and thematically to the still life genre.
Intsikurmu Winter Festival 2017
21 Jan
Theatre NO99
The ancient forest park moves from Põlva to Tallinn in the winter. Intsikurmu Winter Festival consists of enjoyable music, a good time, and many great people. Performers: Go Away Bird, Maarja Nuut feat. Hendrik Kaljujärv, Kali Briis Band, Keymono (LT), Oligarkh (RUS), Triana Park (LV).
Concert Series “In the galleries of Kumu”
21 Jan
Kumu Art Museum
Live contemporary music in the galleries and exhibition halls of the Kumu Art Museum – right in the center of live contemporary art. Listeners will gain an inspirationally deep experience of the art, as well as the music.  Robert Jürjendal (guitar, live-electronic) and Madis Metsamart (percussion instruments).