There is a lot of music coming from all over the country this Sunday,  so keep your eyes and ears open! The ones of you, who hate music, there is also information about other kinds of events. Enjoy!

Vox Clamantis ‘You and I’
30 Sep
Niguliste Church
Our own Grammy winning ensemble is going to perform another premiering piece by a well known and much loved Estonian composer. The conductor and artistic director of Vox Clamantis is Jaan-Eik Tulve.
Kumu Documentary: “Revolution: New Art for a New World”
27 Sep
Kumu auditorium
During the years following the Russian Revolution, the artistic scene in Russia underwent a profound shift. A plethora of artists began to create art for the new utopian regime, pioneering new modes of art and new methods of production. It is a legacy that ranges from Kandinsky’s abstraction to the bold artworks of the Socialist Realist movement.
International Music Day
01 Oct
All over Estonia
There will be about 120 free concerts taking place in different parts of Estonia. Over 750 musicians will be representing different genres from classical music and jazz to traditional music. As the music day wishes to offer a music experience for free to as many people as possible, concert halls are also selected accordingly. So the music will be playing at concert halls, culture centers, shopping malls, trams, the railway station and the market.
Photographic Art Fair 2017
29 Sep – 01 Oct
Telliskivi Creative City
The International selection committee has announced the artists, galleries and project spaces participating in Estonian Photographic Art Fair 2017. Artists exhibited at the gallery section of Estonian Photographic Art Fair 2017 are Peeter Laurits (Vaal), Giulia Marchi (IT) (Matèria), Arne Maasik (Haus), Diana Tamane (KOGO) and Alan Proosa (Okapi).
Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Lærke Grøntved ‘Uncanny You’
26/28/29/30 Sept
Kanuti Gildi SAAL
On a sunny spring day in 2017, one could read the newspapers about the biggest conventional explosive of humankind – The Mother of All Bombs. In ‘Uncanny You’ the character Mother Bomb becomes the center of the media storm. It makes everybody sweat as if they were under the frying desert sun. All this attention and admiration by the masses brings her together with the Lonely Visitor – together they begin the journey into the uncanny valley.
The science cafe of the Estonian Academy of Arts
26 Sep
Von Krahl Theatre
Fashion designer and EAA senior researcher Reet Aus, EAA Ph.D. student & textile designer Miina Leesment, textile artist and Head of UT Viljandi Culture Academy’s Estonian Native Crafts Department Ave Matsin will discuss research into textiles in the arts and the society, tradition, innovation and the future of textiles. The talk will be moderated by Liina Siib, head of EAA art and design Ph.D. programme. The discussion will be held in Estonian. Free of charge, all are welcome.