This week will be filled with different sorts of music,  art and great films. Enjoy!

5th Artishok Biennale
06 Oct – 15 Oct
Theatre NO99

Artishok Biennale is an exhibition format established in 2008, combining ten artists with new works created for the biennale and ten critics writing about each of the works on display. Critics’ accomplishments will be presented in the exhibition alongside the newly made artworks.

Finno-Ugrian Days 2016
10 Oct – 16 Oct 2016
All over Estonia

Finno-Ugric-themed films are screened, exhibitions opened and concerts held in addition to many literary and cultural events. There will be ensembles, writers, artists, and other guests from Russia’s Finno-Ugric regions, but also from Finland and Hungary.

Viljandi Guitar Festival 2016
11 Oct – 15 Oct 2016

The objective of Viljandi Guitar Festival is to promote improvisational and trans-style guitar playing. It is important to unite guitar players from Estonia and abroad for the event in order to develop international and guitar-studies-related collaboration.

Autumn Jazz 2016: Livia Nestrovski & Fred Ferreira “Um Gosto de Sol – Contemporary Brazilian Song”
15 Oct
Kumu auditorium

Vocals and guitar entwine dialogues and wander on the paths of Milton Nascimento, Tom Jobim, Kurt Weill as well as Latin American composers.

18 Sep – 18 Dec 2016
Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace is a beautiful historic concert hall, that has offered memorable music experiences already for many decades. The tradition of performing music in the baroque palace goes back to 18th century when court music accompanied the daily life.   Now they have concert  series  for making you feel sublime, which is nice.

Humanity. 45 Years of Documentary Photography in South Africa
19 Aug 2016 – 15 Jan 2017
Adamson-Eric Museum

Juhan Kuus (1953−2015) was an internationally renowned documentary photographer of Estonian ancestry who worked in the Republic of South Africa. This is the first time that his creative legacy is on display in Estonia.

Werner Herzog: retrospective of early features
13.10 – 19.10
Cinema Sõprus

Herzog’s first features substantially formed his style. In his early works, he tested a number of filmmaking methods and over the years these became his trademarks. Seven of Herzog’s early films screen at the retrospective in Cinema Sõprus, four of which have been made in collaboration with Germany’s most infamous actor Klaus Kinski.

Contemporary Circus Performance ‘InTime’ / Group Mago
14 Oct
Kumu auditorium

“InTime” is a painful, foolish, sad and honest story of distancing people. Distancing from oneself, distancing from one another… suddenly pushed together. Group Mago was created with the wish to create high-level contemporary circus performances, combining technical skills with movement and story in order to create a language to speak of what matters.