As you can see from below the first week of August is a really busy week for different kind of festivals and special events. Surely there’s something to be found for everyone. 
PÖFF’s Love Film Festival tARTuFF
August 1st – August 6th
Tartu Town Hall Square
During the six festival days, 12 films, which are directly or indirectly about love, will be screened at Tartu’s Town Hall Square. The films tell incredible tales and take audience to places where they would never end up otherwise.
Kukemuru Ambient Festival 2016
August 4th – August 6th
“More sounds, less music” – The seer concept behind it is to offer ambient culture (sonically & visually) through surrounding environment and thereby causing the organic coherence of contemporary culture and nature.
19th Pärnu Guild Days
August 5th – August 6th
19th Pärnu Guild Days offer authentic handicraft, workshops for both children and adults and Estonian farm products. In addition, free entertainment program!
Augustibluus Festival
August 5th – August 6th
The Augustibluus Festival will take place for the 23rd time already. Due to the programme, which assumes more weight every year, and remarkable public interest, the festival has established its status among renowned blues festivals in Europe.
Leigo Lake Music 2016
August 5th – August 6th
Leigo Farm
As Leigo Lake Music has focused more on classical music in the last couple of years, the special festival orchestra is going to be assembled in order to perform the demanding repertoire. The talented Estonian top conductor Risto Joost has joined the management team of the two-day music event, and will make the selection among young Estonian musicians.
Intsikurmu Festival 2016
August 5th – August 6th
Intsikurmu Forest Park
Intsikurmu Festival, dubbed Estonia’s own Positivus, takes place on August 5-6 in Põlva Intsikurmu Forest Park. Over the years, the festival has become a unique event, which invites people back into the woods to find themselves and their ancestors through music. The incredibly ancient venue between the tall trees offers aesthetic beauty and amplifies the energy stemming from the wide-range programme of music, art and film.
V Pühalepa Music Festival
August 5th – August 7th
Pühalepa Church
In August the 5th Pühalepa Music Festival takes place on the Island Hiiumaa. The goal is to present early music and contemporary composer´s works, including Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür, who was born on Hiiumaa.
St. Lawrence’s Day Celebrations in Kuusalu
August 5th – August 10th
On August 5-10, the traditional St. Lawrence’s Day celebrations take place in Kuusalu. The program of the event consists of different competitions, musical program, a farm products and handicrafts fair and a science theatre performance for children.
History Festival “Narva battle 2016”
August 6th – August 7th
Narva Museum; Northern Yard
In the beginning of August, cannon blasts of the Great Northern War sound in the Narva Castle again, there are sounds of the battle and hordes of warriors fight for life and death. At the same time, beautiful old music performed by the best interpreters can be heard all day, and opera performances take place in the evenings.
XXIII Seto Kingdom Day
August 6th
For a day every year, Setos declare their own kingdom. On this day, the people of Setomaa elect an ülemsootska – a spokesperson for their king Peko. During the day, the masters of Seto Kingdom are chosen. The makers of cheese, bread, beer and hansa are evaluated and the best improvisational songsmith, the best traditional Seto dancer and the best instrumentalists chosen. The day ends with a kirmas – a Seto party.