A wonderful week is at hand, that offers fashion, lights, lots of music and even an improv festival. Sounds great!

Permanent exhibition “Echo of the Urals”
13 Oct 2016 – 30 Apr 2020
New building of the Estonian National Museum

This well thought through exhibition is dedicated to the Finno-Ugric indigenous peoples without their own statehood who inhabit an immense swath of land from Scandinavia in the northern part of Eurasia and the Baltic Sea to the Taymyr Peninsula and Yenisei River in Siberia.

Maritime forum: “Life behind Legends”
18 Oct
Seaplane Harbour

Curator Gunnar Andersson talks about the birth of the exhibition “Vikings: Life beyond the Legend”: the choices and decisions behind the compilation of the exhibition, how it was made, what sort of exciting things were left unexposed and what we learnt about the time of the Vikings by creating the exhibition. 

Tallinn Fashion Week 2016
19 Oct – 22 Oct
Tallinn Creative Hub

This year’s TFW will be decorated by the extra glamour of the anniversary, which fills the halls of the Creative Hub with grandiose shows, talented and internationally recognised designers, and the prestigious Kuldnõel gala.

15th International Contemporary Music Festival “Afekt”
19 Oct – 26 Oct
Various locations in Tartu

The composers of the festival are George Friedrich Haas, a living classic of spectral music from Austria, and Toivo Tulev from Estonia and the central theme is visual music theatre.The 15th “Afekt” is a continuation of the Estonian Composers’ Festival.

Mari Jürjens’s concert “Thousand Lives”
19 Oct/ 23 Oct
Kuressaare Town Theatre/Rapla Cultural Centre

During the October concerts, the angelic voiced Mari Jürjens is not alone on stage, but with three friends, who also collaborated on her album “27”, which came out this spring.

The Fourth International Improv Festival Tilt
20 Oct – 22 Oct
Cinema Sõprus

Improv differs from classical theatre in that the entire performance is invented on the spot, inspired from suggestions given by the audience, so every performance is unique and will never be seen again.

TAVA – Architectural Lighting and Light Festival in Tartu 2016
21 Oct – 23 Oct
Tartu city centre

During the one-month-long light festival in Tartu, Estonia, the following events will take place: hackathon, 3 architectural lighting design workshops, 6 site-specific interactive light installations, exhibitions, conference, light fair and gala.

Theatre Festival “Golden Mask in Estonia 2016”
08 Oct – 18 Oct

The cultural event “Golden Mask in Estonia” is presenting the nominees and winners of the recent seasons of the Russian theatre festival “Golden Mask” and unites Estonian and Russian audience.