Hopefully, we´ll be seeing more sunny days this week because spring officially starts on Sunday. Before that, there is still a whole week for visiting interesting exhibitions and listening to some good music. Also, this week the Maritime Fair reminds us that Estonia is indeed currently celebrating the Year of Maritime Culture!

Estonian Music Days and kultuur.info are looking for five music critics
Deadline for applications: 27.03.2016
First, let us remind you that culture.ee has a competition going on. We are looking for writers to cover the Estonian Music Days concerts for culture.info blog. The profession, job or academic background of the author is irrelevant – everyone who has the wish and courage to express their thoughts on various kinds of music is welcome to try their hand at being a music critic.

Exhibition of polar architecture “Polar Space”
Open until 03.04
Seaplane Harbor (Tallinn)
Last week the polar architecture exhibition “Polar Space” was opened at the Seaplane Harbor. Compiled of the works of the students of Estonian Academy of Arts, the exhibition is displaying the projects and models of future polar stations. The works shown at the exhibition were created during the polar architecture workshop held in the architecture department of Estonian Academy of Arts in February, attended by students, architects, interior decorators, designers and polar scientists.

Exhibition “KAHN. The Islander”
… – 17.04 and 14.07 – 14.08 
Kuressaare Castle (Saaremaa)
Last week an exhibition dedicated to one of the most influential architects of the 20th century, Louis Kahn, was opened at Kuressaare Castle. Louis Kahn (1901-1974) is considered as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century, who has also a direct link with Estonia. Kahn lived in Kuressaare until he was five years old and visited his home island again in 1928, when he was a young architect.

Ensembel U: “URR-10: Exotica”
Tallinn Creative Hub
Ensemble U: will continue its popular concert series “URR – Ensemble U: in Estonian Public Broadcasting”. The first one, with the serial number 10 is entitled “Exotica”. A piece by Mauricio Kagel focusing on different cultural meetings and relations between Western music and so-called World’s music. “Exotica” is for 6 players on exotic instruments and it was written for the cultural program of the Olympic Games in 1972.

Oleg Pissarenko Band “Really”
Nordea Concert Hall
Ingenious composer and guitarist Oleg Pissarenko is one of the best kept secrets of Estonian music. His concerts are journeys to inner worlds that clean the spirit and enchant almost every listener. Oleg’s music is music of peace and love. His harmonies and melodies touch your heart, helping to connect with your lighter side of being.

Taff Club. No Moon at All
House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads
The governing notion of Laura and Joel Remmel’s album “No Moon At All” is the presentation of half-century-old jazz music in the style of the present moment. The piano’s naturally rich sound blends with the smooth, playful and fresh vocals.

Maritime Fair
Estonian Fair Centre
In the middle of March, the 15th Maritime and Leisure Time Fair is held at the fair centre of Eesti Näitused, the traditional participants of which include producers and sellers of yachts, motorboats, boats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, sea clothing and equipment from both Estonia and abroad. Get yourself ready for summer on the sea!

Concert for Two

Estonian Concert Hall
In this concert the two neighboring orchestras Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Sinfonietta Rīga are going to meet up and make music together. They come with a new repertoire, specially written to be performed by two orchestras. The programme centers on “Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta” – the best known work of one of the 20th century’s most prominent composers Béla Bartók. The piece has been featured in several movies, including “Being John Malkovich”.