Frank Gehry is a name that has capticated the world of contemporary architecture with notable works on some of the world’s most iconic buildings, from the Dancing House in Prague to the Bilbao Museum and many more. The ‘Starchitect’s‘ story was captured and narrated in two documentaries, “Getting Frank” and “Gehry’s Vertigo”, which screened at Kumu Art Museum as part of the Kumu Documentary Project.

The Kumu Documentary Project was initiated by the Black Nights Film Festival and Kumu Art Museum in 2006 and is to date the only weekly documentary programme in Estonian cinemas. It presents documentaries on various intriguing topics. The screenings at Kumu auditorium are often introduced by an expert in the field the film is based on and and are followed by a discussion. The screenings are free of charge.

While “Gehry’s Vertigo” focuses on the Guggenheim museum, the complexities of the design of the building and the responsibility of maintaining the glass and outer facades, “Getting Frank” speaks of Frank Gehry’s vision of various architectural projects, especially the “treehouse” design on University of Technology, Sydney’s newest block. It revolves around the architectural journey of Frank Gehry and how his unconventional designs are looked upon and appreciated by those in the architectural community as well as the people living around the structures he has designed. It showcases how this project was influenced by his previous work, MIT’s strata centre and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The documentary also stresses how Gehry’s work has managed to transform neighbourhoods, where his designs have been erected.

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