Looking for something exhiting to do? Don’t worry, here are this week’s recommendations!

Robert Doisneau’s exhibition Parisian Stories

3 Jun – 18 Aug
Juhan Kuus Documentary Photography Center

The marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street, said Robert Doisneau (1912-1994), a French photographer famous for his poetic, gently humorous and timeless moments taken on streets around Paris and its suburban areas. Doisneau’s ability to find and capture subtle personal emotions and simple yet meaningful episodes of quotidian Parisian life has been admired by millions. No wonder he is considered as the pioneer of the modern documentary and street photography.

Kachanovskaya’s affectionate approach to painterly traditions stems from her diverse art education in Estonia and St Petersburg. But the content of the works is connected to the negative emotions that she has developed through the actual life of an artist and the role of artists in contemporary society. In her first personal exhibition in Tartu, Kachanovskaya creates a small world where the heritage of classical paintings intermingles with installation and video works inspired by the conservation of art.

With the current exhibition, the artist is observing the borders of the personal and the public, dreams and waking, the permanent and the changing. Anna Kaarma focuses on the living environment of the district of Lasnamäe in Tallinn – the architectural and social superstructure is being unravelled to fragments charged with personal meanings and experiences.

World premiere was on January 15, 1890 at Mariinsky Theatre

On her christening day Princess Aurora is cursed by the wicked fairy Carabosse: one day the Princess will prick her finger on a spindle and die. But the kind Lilac Fairy tempers the curse so the Princess will instead fall asleep for 100 years until Prince Désiré will break Carabosse’s wicked spell. With a classical score by Tchaikovsky, new redaction of Petipa’s choreography by Thomas Edur and fantastic design by Peter Docherty, the ballet will offer a visual feast to all lovers of magic and fairy-tales.

Fashion show held by Pallas University of Applied Sciences.

Mood-Performance-Tants is a fashion show that has been held by Pallas University of Applied Sciences for 20 years already. Originally meant for showing the textile department’s collections it has now grown into a truly unique production that combines interesting fashion experiments with elements of dance and performance. The audience is presented a visual feast that differs from all other fashion shows in both its fashion collections as well as the setup.

Dance production Noise

6 Jun
7 Jun
8 Jun
9 Jun
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

A dance performance born in the quiet of Estonia and raised on the loud streets of Palestine.

In a world where noise has become the norm, it is the silence that terrifies us. Noise is a physical meeting of sounds, bodies, space and vibrations; soaked and served with all kinds of noise we have grown accustomed to, regardless of their disruptive effect on our lives.

Viljandi Hanseatic Days 2019

7–8 Jun

Every year, to reminisce about a golden era of Viljandi, the city organizes Hanseatic Days.

In early summer, the city of Viljandi will dress up in Medieval clothing and remember the wealth and bright ideas that the Hanseatic League partnership had brought to the city.

The traditional spirit of the Hanseatic Days is kept up with a large arts and crafts market that stretches across the old narrow city streets. In addition, for one evening the residents of Viljandi will open doors to their home cafes, many concerts, shows, art exhibitions and the Mulgi mess will be opened.

Estonian Aviation Days 2019

8–9 Jun
Estonian Aviation Museum

The largest outdoor aviation event welcomes aviation fans both young and old on June 89, in (and up above) the territory of the Estonian Aviation Museum in Tartu county.

It is possible to see parachutists or go on a sight-seeing flight. Different attractions are open, e.g. simulators, a catapult, a parachute simulator, trampoline beds etc. Two days filled with state of the art aviation equipment and an interesting programme both on land and in the air. 

Tallinn Street Food Festival 2019

8–9 Jun
Telliskivi Creative City

Tallinn Street Food Festival celebrates its 6th birthday! The festival has selected caterers, who combine quality ‘classical’ street-food with fresh, surprising and exotic flavours.

On Saturday, June 8, Viljandi County’s Song and Dance Celebration My Fatherland is My Love will take place. The party begins at 5 pm with a common procession and continues with singing and dancing.

This year, 1071 dancers and 1412 singers have signed up for the party.