The fourth  and  last evening of Puutuur (Tree Tour) took place on, around and under the most beautiful tree in the courtyard of historical Kõue Manor.
The last evening was introduced by native shoegaze duo Imandra Lake. The duo consists of Rein Fuks and Eve Komp, who became famous with the ensemeble Pia Fraus. Similarly to the latter, Imandra Lake makes shoegaze music, but less on the pop side and touching the boundaries of darker folk music with their minimalist Estonian lyrics.
The tastes of the fourth evening came from Kaheksa jalga (Eight feet), the restaurant of Kõue Manor, which has been selected among 50 best restaurants in Estonia.
Puutuur is a tour of nature, music, light and poetry with a fairy-tale atmosphere, that took  place over  the summer all over Estonia.
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