“Chamber music at Hopner House”.
Interpretes: Oksana Sinkova (flute), Andreas Lend (cello), Lea Leiten (piano).
Programme: Kuhlau, Enescu, Pärt, Vähi, Kangro.
Organizer: Pille Lill Music Fund.

A Chamber music concert took place on 1st of November at the Hopner House, kicking off the program of this month.

This time the spectators enjoyed the melodies of the trio consisting of Oksana Sinkova (flute), Andreas Lend (cello) and Lea Leiten (piano). Those awarded musicians delivered a passionate and playful program of songs by distinguished artists such as Friedrich Kuhlau, Carl Czerny or Peeter Vähi.
The audience was instantly captured by the clear and clean elegance of Lea Leiten’s piano, followed by the strings of the cello and the chords of the flute. After the majestic and twirling figures of the first composition, Andreas Lend abandoned the hall to let the women deliver a long and presto duet in a perfect experience of lyricism” and contrapuntal conversation between the instruments. A heartwarming flute solo was performed by Oksana Sinkova, who not only played the dazzling piece, but incorporated her entire body and also used the soundboard of the grand piano.
The trio parted again into rich harmonies full of color and depth chords. However, the remarkable playing of Andreas Lend was the best of “Pastoral for a computerized world”, beating the body of the cello to accompany the melody. The lively alla marcia was filled with rapid pizzicato and buoyant bowing, finishing in a perfect unison.
Before the last piece, another duet between the cello and the piano thrilled the spectators with a bleak and beautiful composition by Arvo Pärt. Andreas evoked images of political and personal coldness.
The finale was heartrending as any of the great rhythms they were performing during the evening. The applause came soon to ask for more of those brilliants musicians who tugged at everyone’s heartstrings. The encore could not have fallen upon more appreciative ears.