Five directors with five different stories, all connected by Von Krahl Theatre. A mise en abîme where you, as a spectator, can see people sitting on the same benches but at different moments, with the chance of sneaking backstage and to actors’ dressing rooms, being a witness to the playing and recording process.
Immersed in darkness, losing every sense of space and time, you will travel to different situations, sail through various realities and experience different points of views on a wide range of topics: familial relationships, future worlds, capricious hazard meeting both life and death, and the importance of dancing.
All of this explained in a perfect audiovisual language with a lot of characters and resources to make the spectator enjoy not only the profound meaning of the script, but also the beauty of the 7th Art.
There is a spectacular game of atrezzo and scenography in “Superbia”, where the depth of the monologues gets to you from the first second. Black and white with double screening, with the framing and lighting delighting your eyes. A son and a father argue about their behavior, and the son asks himself if it’s due to the genes or just a mirror of his father. You will struggle with your genes – your parents influence your own behavior.
“Metanoia” is a succession of events that change an ordinary guy’s life, with death and happiness walking together. In extremis res (when the story starts with the end) that will explain everything, starting with a guy who commits a suicide and a photographer who witnesses it, and whose life will change after he starts a new job. Great spontaneous music, strange laughs and unknown written papers: a paranoia in someone’s reality.
You will discover the happiness of little things in daily life with “Mann Tanzt”. A man who discovers a little wooden house in the middle of the forest, receives a calling and then has a deep conversation with someone who appears. Exuberant post production and music that take you on a journey with them..
Never has a birthday been such an important connection. A secretary connects all the short films, giving them a sense of being. This birthday happens in Von Krahl Theatre during a performance which is full of strange events happening throughout the play.
To sum up, the performance of every single actor was sublime, playing different scripts that will make you think about your daily routines like everyone else’s. Different styles but stylish all of them in their ownt and simple (and sometimes not so simple) way.