On this week we recommend going to Kumu auditorium to watch Finding Nemo or a documentary about ivory dealers and wildlife rangers, a French animated film at Cinema Sõprus or another screening at the Festival of Strange Films. For music lovers there is a concert by Delicate Features at GenClub in Tartu, Siiri Sisask’s and Alyona Movko’s performance at Estonian National Museum and Anu Taul’s concert at Estonian Traditional Music Centre, British DJ and producer Riton will perform at Tallinn Creative Hub. People who consider themselves adventurous can also participate in a movement workshop in Tallinn, visit NU Performance Festival or observe the full Moon at Tartu Observatory.

This American film, created by Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, flooded the film industry in 2003. From its release date, the film quickly became the best-selling DVD of all time. With its many Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature and best Original Screenplay, Finding Nemo became an American sensation. The American Film Institute even named it as one of the top ten greatest animated films ever made! Millions of people have come to love Nemo’s story. Nemo, a young clownfish, is abducted by divers and separated from his father Marlin. The film shows the moving journey of one dad’s quest to find his lost son. Join us for the screening of this American classic!

The movie screens in English with English subtitles. The screening is free of charge!

You are welcome to visit the Tartu Observatory and have a closer look at the full Moon (in case the sky is clear).

Free of charge!

In Kenya, the intersecting lives of three men crystallise the fierce conflict over conservation efforts in the country’s vast northern plains. There’s X, the calculating ivory dealer, Lukas, X’s most trusted elephant hunter, and Asan, a wildlife ranger whose task it is to prevent poaching. To complicate matters, Asan is X’s cousin. For all three, this pressing debate is not simply a matter of environmentalism, but a fight for survival.

Director: Jon Kasbe
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Length: 80′
Language: in Swahili, with English subtitles

Free of charge!

Pavel and Radmila, participants of the musical project Delicate Features, worked for three months at Tartu Artist in Residence on a new musical project related to the culture of Setu.

On the show on October 24th, they will present several new songs and improvisations based on Setumaa’s folk songs. And closer to the end of the show, they will also play a more danceable programme – tracks from their latest album “Pure”.

DF has previously released three albums of abstract, ambient, downtempo and leftfield sounds that are mesmerizing and always original. The tracks for the new EP “Pure” were written between 2015 and 2018 and are united by “the melancholy of time which runs and never comes back.” The couple sees their music as poetry and says most of these pieces were inspired by Russian poet Vasily Filippov, who spent much of his life in a mental health hospital. As such they are superbly reflective and inward affairs about loneliness and “the melancholy of departure”. The inevitability of parting.

Free entry.

The October edition of the Festival of Strange Films will soon be here. A real gem will be shown.

A surreal black comedy directed and wrote by Tom Green who also plays the main part. Freddy Got Fingered is Tom Green’s debut film. Many film critics have described it as “the worst movie in the world”. The film won a significant five Golden Raspberry Awards. The Golden Raspberry Award is a prize that is given every year to the worst films. Over the years, this film has become a cult film.

But at the same time, there are critics who have considered this film to be the cornerstone of the neo-surrealistic genre cinema. The film Freddy Got Fingered has to be taken as a satire to the 21st centuries comedies, such as American Pie, Road Trip, Dude, Where’s my Car?, etc.

Free entry.

TAVA or Tartu in Light is a consistent, international, cross-disciplinary festival of architectural lighting design and light art. The pre- and main events of the festival will last for 30 days. 

The second Tartu in Light festival will be opened on October 25 at 9 PM at the Estonian National Museum with an amazing show of music, light and shadow. An audiovisual concert titled “Shadow/ Vari” by Siiri Sisask and VJ Alyona Movko will be performed.

Siiri Sisask will sing songs that are based on Uku Masing’s poetry, some of which will be performed for the first time.

Well-known Estonian musicians Robert Jürjendal (guitar) and Peedu Kass (bass) have been asked to cooperate in the arrangement, recording and performing of the songs. In cooperation with an audiovisual artist Alyona Movko, they will create a musical composition together with a rhythm of light and shadow that will breathe together with the peculiarities of space, sound and text. The whole entity should add a dreamy vibe to the bleak autumn nights of Estonia…

Album presentation concert: Anu Taul “Maagiline järv”

26 Oct
Estonian Traditional Music Centre

Anu Taul’s voice is sensitive and nuanced. Her songs are touching and comforting, telling stories about universal topics. Anu’s creation involves a peculiar sense of nature, taking us into the deep forest, waves of water or dream landscapes. The magical lake symbolizes the depth of the soul and makes us think about ourselves.

Anu Taul – lyrics, tunes, vocals, guitar
Ann-Maria Piho – 15-string kannel
Kaisa Kuslapuu – piano
Taavet Niller – contrabass, bass guitar
Tõnis Kirsipu – drums, rhythmic instruments
Tarmo Noormaa – 2-row button accordion

Bianca: Riton

26 Oct
Tallinn Creative Hub

UK dance music chart sensation and the name behind the Grammy-nominated Rinse & Repeat, British DJ and producer Riton, will be coming to Tallinn on 26 October.

Warming up the crowd will be Bianca residents QrX & Saulus plus NIX & JONNY!

You must be at least 18 years old to enter.

Movement workshop: Responsive Body

27 Oct
Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

“Responsive Body” workshop is meant for those interested in movement who are willing to study movement principles individually and together with partner and would like to have a playful physical challenge.

Previous dance or martial arts experience is not necessary as each participant can begin from their own bodily experience. The most important is the wish to try and face a challenge.

The workshop is led by internationally active choreographers-dancers Külli Roosna (EST) and Kenneth Flak (EST/NOR) who have been working together since 2008.

French animated film month

27 Oct
Cinema Sõprus

Dir: Christian De Vita
Voices: Arthur Dupont, Sara Forestier, Bruno Salomone and others
Animation, Family, France/Belgium 2015, 90 min

A hero’s journey with a most unlikely hero. Yellowbird is a teeny tiny orphaned bird that has never left the nest, has no family, yet desperately wants one – That is until he finds himself leading a flock on their migration to Africa.

In French with English subtitles.

Free entry!

7th NU Performance Festival

22 – 28 Oct

The topic of the 7th NU Performance Festival is “Object with Audience”.

The focus of this NU Performance Festival is the timeline and performative possibilities of object art, and performances that reinterpret the role of the audience as a part of the performance, both in the individual as well as collective experience. We are interested in looking for performativity where one is not used to finding it.