This week seems to be a bit about heritage and tradition, like for example a song and culture festival, held in Võro language. But one can also enjoy the art of the written word at a literature festival or “just” art an  Artists’ Association exhibition.

16th annual Estonian Artists’ Association exhibition “Spring Exhibition”
May 13th- June 19th

Inside the Tallinn Art Hall (Tallinna Kunstihoone) and Tallinn Art Hall Gallery (Tallinna Kunstihoone galerii) until June 19th, and in the Tallinn City Gallery (Tallinna Linnagalerii) until June 12th

This Spring Exhibition will, for the first time in the history of this exhibit, display all received submissions, all together including the work of 169 artists.  While the majority of the pieces will belong to the mediums of painting, graphic art, and sculpture, the diversity of Estonian art will also be displayed.  Two themed exhibitions are included in this Spring Exhibition: The Art Hall Galery will display “Women Amongst Themselves” and the City Gallery will display “The Ordinary Exotic.”

Jalmar Vabarna Concert “Minapilt”
Hiiumaa May 24th 19:00 Pärimusait
Saaremaa May 25th 19:00 at the Kanemägi home

Jalmar Vabarna’s new solo album “Minapilt” is coming to Hiiumaa and Saaremaa in concert.  These two concerts on the islands will appeal to fans of instrumental guitar music.  Along with that, there will be entertaining stories about how the album came about.

Tallinn Literature Festival “HeadRead”
May 25th-29th Writers’ House of Tallinn
Tallinn Central Library, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre , Café Must Puudel and many other locations across Tallinn.

Estonian and foreign authors, poets, publishers, and translators will gather in Tallinn for this event.  Admission is free to the public and events will include speakers, literary walks, competitions, story-telling, book fairs, music, and poetry slams. There will be so much going on at once that it would be best to take a look at the program to see exactly what is happening when

Blacksmith Festival Baroque Ironwork 2016
May 27th-28th Narva Castle

Blacksmiths of the baroque period will fire up the forges in the Northern Courtyard of Narva Castle to provide a glimpse into what life may have looked like at the castle 300 hundred years ago.  Come see the blacksmiths at work and check out the candlestick exhibit.  Also be ready to help build benches and tables and play some games.

Uma Pido 2016
May 28th 17:00 Instikurmu Lauluväljak, Põlva

Uma Pido is song and culture festival being held for the fourth time entirely in the Võru language.  The theme of this year’s festival is the relationship of the Võru people with the forest and its mighty trees.  They intend to sing until the trees sing along.  The day will start with a farmer’s market in the morning and end with the concert in the amphitheater.

Street of Green Gates
May 29th 10.00-16.00 Nõmme District, Tallinn
Yet another community party, this time at  the sunny and green Nõmme.

Garden and Flower Days at Jäneda
May 28th -29th  Jäneda

In addition to wares needed at parks, gardens and flower beds, guest are also offered  handicrafts and organic foods.

Tartu County dance festival „Hingepuu“
May 29th Raadi Manor Park

The “Hingepuu” (Soul Tree) dance festival tells us about the joys and sorrows of being human and connecting with nature.