We have an great week ahead of us, full of  interesting performances,  dazzling dance  acts and cinematography. 

 NU Performance Festival 2016
29 Oct – 05 Nov
Kanuti Gildi SAAL/Punane Maja

The interests of this festival lie in the body, focusing on gender, sexuality and bodies as both a political tools and catalysts. Performances will handle themes including love, loss, violence, intimacy, as well as issues relating to gender performativity and the mapping of cultural norms onto the body.

Ballet “Don Juan”
02 Nov
Theatre Vanemuine 

The choreographer and stage director Giorgio Madia approaches Don Juan as a figure of “Theatre”. The cold-blooded interplay between illusion and imagination succumb not only the female “victims” of the seducer, but also his audience. The passion, he celebrates, is actually that of his viewers. His libertinage inspires, especially because of its diabolical traits, when disrespecting moral, social, intellectual or religious rules.

Tallinn Restaurant Week 2016
01 Nov – 07 Nov
Different venues in Tallinn

Lots of great restaurants invite you to introduce you some great food and have a great time. The best source of information here is the menu.

01 Nov
Tartu Harbour Theatre

Urmas Vadi’s play gives new approach to Raja Teele, Tiina from Werewolf, the colonel’s widow and several other well-known archetypical heroines from Estonian literature.
We are given a chance to see and hear the life they have been living and what they think about the life today.

Kumu Documentary: “Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures”
02 Nov
Kumu auditorium

He was a catalyst and an illuminator, but also a magnet for scandal. From an early age Robert Mapplethorpe had but one goal, which he single-mindedly pursued: to “make it” not just as an artist but also as an art celebrity. He could not have picked a better time: it was the Manhattan of Warhol’s Factory, of Studio 54 and, following the Stonewall riots, an era of unbridled hedonistic sexuality.

Tallinn International Piano Festival
04 Nov – 12 Nov
Different venues in Tallinn

Tallinn International Piano Festival is a unique piano week. The festival attracts the greatest number of visitors of any festival of classics in Estonia, making it a prestigious event to perform at. The festival has a special aura – an attraction that draws a large audience from many neighbouring countries.