The god has the human’s features and vice versa. Raho Aadla’s “I am Ra” is an enchanting production about humanity.
The performance took me to a place, which is generally difficult to find in the middle of a busy work week – I spent 40 minutes in a captivating kinetic place of energy. The human was decoded as a heavenly being – the traits attributed to divinity are hidden in our own being. Mythical aura surrounds the production and the journey of Ra’s body was in harmony with the thought – the grace and an inexplicable look created a magical atmosphere in the hall.
Being a human was explained very differently in this production than I had been used to before. Finding a god with human traits in oneself and others opened another train of thought and made me see a kind of supremacy in human deeds and thoughts. In the production, the term of “superhuman” contradicts the mainstream mentality of today – the divinity is hidden in the essence of human, not in its domination over other species or humans. The production is mostly visual and it worked. As I am a great glitter fan, my eyes lit up observing the ever more brightly shining creature. Litheness was not only evident in Ra’s plastic choreography, but also in the smooth and accurate symbiosis of light, music, and content. The prevailing motif was clearly the Sun – the performance starts with the ignition and ends with the setting.
As much as I would like to find fault with something, I was absolutely in love with almost every nuance and movement that I saw, and even the whispers of the little girls sitting next to me were drowned behind the shivers of stress somewhere. A bewitching visual, content, and music formed an unearthly experience.