It´s a new week and we bring you new recommendations! Among these you can find music, dance, movies and art. There is something for everyone!

What: Kumu´s Birthday
When: February 17
Where: Kumu Art Museum (Tallinn)

Kumu Art Museum completes its 10th year of activity in 2016! On the museum’s birthday, February 17, the new permanent exhibition opens on Kumu’s 4th floor: “Conflicts and Adaptations. Estonian Art of the Soviet Era (1940–1991)“, which welcomes all the birthday guests. As before, the new overview strives to map the developments and variety of Soviet-era art, but does it from an innovative angle on both the content and exhibition’s structural side.

What: Orit Gat: “If it looks like zeitgeist, it might be anxiety”
When: February 17
Where: Estonian Academy of Sciences (Tallinn)

On Wednesday, February 17th at 6 PM prolific art writer and contributing editor of a variety of publications Orit Gat will give a public lecture “If it looks like zeitgeist, it might be anxiety” at Estonian Academy of Sciences. Our relationship to technology is defined by a curious mix of fascination, reliance, fear, and admiration. What happens to art in this context? This talk explores the current place of art in connection to networked technology.

What: Kumu Documentary: „Getting Frank Ghery“/„Gehry´s Vertigo“
When: February 17
Where: Kumu auditorium (Tallinn)

Kumu Art Museum shows two movies about the infamous architect Frank Ghery. Eighty-five years old and still busy designing and building, Frank Gehry is probably the most iconic architect around today. The film „Getting Frank Gehry“ follows him as he works on the UTS Business School in Sydney, his first building in Australia. The second movie „Gehry’s Vertigo“ offers a rare and vertiginous trip along the rooftops of the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao.

What: Dance performance “HTK” by Fine5 Dance Theatre
When: February 18, 19 and 20
Where: TLU Theatre Stella (Ursa building’s 2nd floor mirror hall)

Fine5 Dance Theatre’s performance “WTC” (HTK) is based on J. S. Bach’s “The Well-Tempered Clavier” (Book I), written in 1722 “for the profit and use of musical youth desirous of learning, and especially for the pastime of those already skilled in this study”. The performance will aslo be in Pärnu on February 22.

What: Tartu Massive – Drum´n´Base Night!
When: February 19
Where: Arhiiv (Tartu)

The guest of Tartu Massive is Futuristik. Futuristik is a young Estonian electronic dance music producer/DJ, who has gathered lots of attention and positive feedback and has been spinning discs on Grind until now.

What: Comedy Estonia presents „Karl Alari Varma Energy! Wooh!
When: February 19
Where: Teoteater (Tallinn)

A comedian who knows how to reach people through his humour and make them feel good. Even if sometimes his jokes are directed at himself. Karl-Alari is a boy from a communist ghetto who dreams of something bigger but can’t break the cycle of poverty and crime. So he tells stories from this godforsaken periphery instead.

What: Concert series „Vitrages“: Les Angélus
When: February 19 and 20
Where: Heino Eller Tartu Music College and House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads in Tallinn

„Les Angélus“ is the third concert of Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir´s popular concert series „Vitrages“. It presents the Crème de la crème from the French choral music. A delicate French choral music from the 19th and 20th century gives an enjoyable picture of the elegance and grandiosity of this culture.