MDLSX is a production about Silvia Calderoni’s journey, directed by Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò. This is an autobiographical work that talks about the self-discoveries, personal development and blooming.
The show was explosive and visually astounding. There was a huge amount of energy in the hall, and Silvia Calderoni engaged the audiences amazingly. Calderoni seemed unearthly on several levels while she was playing cleverly and precisely with the viewer’s emotions that ranged from pain to sincere joy. Through the visual media accompanied by songs, Silvia Calderoni told her story of how she has become the person he currently is. The text was largely based on her own experience and was well put together. There were also several intertextual connections to history and literature. The musical selection was also very fitting and improved the whole narrative.
There is a whole bunch of different sides gathered together in Silvia Calderoni. While being herself, she staged several phases of her life and combined them with a variety of emotions. She incorporated so much that she created contradictions and contrasts. At the same time, beauty and pain, masculinity and femininity, as well as many unexplained but highly perceptible factors flourished in her.
This is a very important production and it is pleasing that the queer cultural space is also introduced to people in art. The production tells about finding gender as a social concept (it’s a pity that there are no separate words in the Estonian for “gender” and “sex”). The social concept should not limit people. Silvia Calderon broke the boundaries of gender defined in the dictionary – she reached to the humanity. The show created freedom – I imagine that only a free person can create such art. At the same time, the focus was not only on the queer topics but also on all the problems that are common to the human nature.
All the emotions collided at the very end when Silvia Calderoni played The Smiths during the applause, while standing in her full authenticity in front of the audience. There were chills, tears, and indescribable emotions. It was a powerful and profound experience. Silvia Calderoni’s shirt My girlfriend is a Marxist was also super cool!