They are officially here, the last days of summer. The air might be getting chillier, but the events get more serious and interesting by the day. This week there are a lot of art themes involved and we must say that the company is quite international.
Uus Maailm District Street Festival 2017
2 Sep – 3 Sep
Uus Maailm District
The days, weeks, months and seasons have passed almost unnoticeably and the 11th Uus Maailm District Street Festival is already peeking around the corner. So, it’s a good idea to mark down the first weekend of September on the calendar. As it has become a tradition, good music can be heard on the stage, the streets are full of life, street sport, traders and home cafes.
Tallinn Photomonth ’17
1 Sep – 29 Oct
Tallinn Art Hall
International contemporary art biennial Tallinn Photomonth ’17 introduces its programme by international and Estonian artists at various art venues in Tallinn and Narva. Tallinn Photomonth opens on 1 September with the group exhibition Image Drain curated by Anthea Buys at Tallinn Art Hall and the Museum of Photography.
Paul Pretzer’s graphic exhibition
29 Aug – 17 Sep
Estonian Printing Museum
On August 29 at 7:00 p.m., a graphic art exhibition by Paul Pretzer, a painter from Berlin, will be opened at the Estonian Print and Paper Museum. The artist is staying in Tartu as a guest artist, participating in Tartu artist-in-residence program. The exhibition displays the graphics that have been made during his residency as well as the earlier creation. At the same time, you can browse through the catalog where you can get an overview of Paul’s entire work.
Viljandi Art Festival “QQ”
18 Aug – 17 Sep
QQ / Viljandi Art Festival will be held for the first time and its goal is to create an international activity platform and meeting place bridging and involving different fields of art. Within one month, a small town – Viljandi – becomes a canvas and exhibition site for international artists – cultural events and interactive activities take place every day: joint youth art performances, street art sessions, sound performances, installations in an urban space, art circus, light installation and light sculptures, environmental art, café exhibitions, open-house art exhibitions and gallery exhibitions; and also: outdoor cinema, poetry slam, dance performances, concerts, guided walks in town.
Exhibition “The Study of Sight”
29 Jul – 3 Sep
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
Annika Haas, Elo Liiv and Jekaterina Kultajeva will be exhibiting their photo, video, sound and sculpture installations at the Art Hall Gallery. The works depict the blind people of Estonia and raise the theme of “social blindness” more broadly.
Dance performance “Tempo”
25 Aug – 28 Aug
Next to the Noblessner Valukoda
“Tempo” is a dance performance that combines movement, music and video. The theme of the production is the time: tempo, rhythms, moving forward, growth, acceleration, arriving, being. The tempo in and around us, in nature and in the city, a human being in the middle of one’s everyday activities, at special moments, moving in time, falling behind, searching for one’s own pace, the pace of others, losing it and finding it again. Time is always the same and always so different.
Links to the World: Martha Rosler
4 Aug – 10 Sep
Tartu Art Museum
Tartu Art Museum introduces international video art. Tartu Art Museum opens the second exhibition in the series “Links to the World” introducing international video art in the museum’s project space. This time the series showcases Martha Rosler’s work “If it’s too bad to be true, it could be Disinformation” (1985).
Fourth summer season of Voronja gallery: Peter Belyi “Open Borders”
18 Jun – 16 Sep
Voronja Gallery
The exhibition is compiled by St. Petersburg-based artist and curator Peter Belyi, who has involved artists in the exhibition who work on creating connections between the organic and inorganic worlds and use nature or natural processes for creating art.