The holiday season is upon us and there is no escaping it, so one may as well enjoy it!  We  at the, wish you all a joyous week!

Arsis Christmas Concert
23 Dec/25 Dec
Pärnu Concert Hall /Estonia Concert Hall

This year’s repertoire consists of well-known melodies, offering the joy of recognition to many. The most beautiful tunes and simple Christmas songs can be enjoyed in the performance of the young and bright soprano Kristel Pärtna. Kristel, the offspring of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, has also trained in Finland and Italy, the birthplace of opera, where her love for Italian music stems.

Christmas cinema of Pärnu’s Museum of New Art
07 Dec 2016 – 07 Jan 2017
Pärnu Museum of New Art

New arthouse-type cinema will be brought to the people of Pärnu by the Museum of New Art in collaboration with Pärnu Film Festival. Arthouse films from Estonia as well as abroad will be brought to the audience at first as the Christmas cinema programme compiled to have added value – meaning, selecting films, which have both educational content as well as high artistic value.

Christmas City Tartu 2016
27 Nov – 24 Dec
Tartu Town Hall Square

It is set up by so-called swing-smiths, craftsmen well respected throughout centuries for creating meeting points where people love to get together, share the news and celebrate. Christmas City Tartu 2016 truly stands by the old belief that swings and swinging facilitates the good health of people and challenges any specific time frame forced upon this fun and much loved tradition – this Christmas winter and swings it is! Right on Town Hall Square!

Christmas music festival “Church Holidays in the Land of Mary”
26 Nov 2016 – 07 Jan 2017
All over Estonia

Christmas music festival “Church Holidays in the Land of Mary” takes place in churches and manorial estates of Estonia and at the Toompea Music Lounge. In 2010, Corelli Music expanded its well-known concert series “Church Holydays in the Land of Mary” to a Christmas music festival, which offers wonderful musical experiences through the whole month of Christmas time from the 1st Advent through Christmas and the very last days of the year until Epiphany and beginning of Orthodox Christmas in January.

Tallinn Christmas Market
18 Nov 2016 – 07 Jan 2017
Tallinn Town Hall Square

Next to the magnificent Town Hall building on Tallinn Town Hall Square, a fairy-tale Christmas market takes place, making you believe that everything is possible! The action takes place around the most important Christmas tree in Estonia, which also holds the longest tradition in Europe with a tree first being displayed here in 1441.

New circus performance „One more gift“
19 Dec/21 Dec

New circus performance “One more gift” where different generations will meet on stage to act together on the thin border of reality and tricks. It is not a true tale but a true deed! Christmas is a special situation for a collective seething. Any circus act on stage is centered around a gift, but not on behalf of it. The human itself is on a pedestal, not restricted by hierarchy or barriers between people. Different generations will meet on stage to act together on the thin border of reality and tricks. Monocycles are included in the game, to act as a nostalgic dodge to a classical circus tradition.

23 Dec
Sagadi Manor

One of the Estonia’s most valued chamber ensembles TOBIAS STRING QUARTET is best know for their colourful and vigorous performances. Since the foundation of the quartet in the beginning of the new millennium, they have regularly performed at different concert series and festivals in Estonia and abroad. During its active ten years the concerts of Tobias String Quartet have taken them to almost all areas of the home country – from picturesque islets in West-Estonia to powerful Alexander`s Cathedral on the eastern border in Narva, to ancient rural churches of South-Estonia, summer resort Pärnu, university town Tartu and surely to most prestigious concert halls in Tallinn – the Estonia Concert Hall, Tallinn Town Hall, Hall of the Estonian National Opera etc.

Christmas card workshop
15 Dec – 23 Dec
Photo Museum

Here is a fun idea! You are given a chance to make an DIY unique Christmas card with a photographic handprint.

Christmas at Estonian Road Museum
13 Dec – 22 Dec
Estonian Road Museum

Cheerful and educational programmes for children and groups of friends. The place is really unique and the scenery offers lots of eye-joy.

The Ilves Sisters “Happy New Year”
Tallinn St John’s Church /Paide Culture Centre /Vihula Manor

In December, The Ilves Sisters give ten spectacular concerts. Their repertoire includes cheerful, energetic Christmas songs as well as romantically slow pieces of music of beautiful wintry atmosphere. To date, the audience has been used to hearing the sisters playing instruments, but, in this December, they present a completely new side to the public – at the concert tour, their fifth sister, modest, but powerful soprano Damaris will support their instruments with marvellous vocals.