This week we recommend to get acquainted with the languages and cultures of Finno-Ugric peoples, to explore the behind the scenes of the film world, to enjoy art and music, and to take a walk in nature.
Concert series HELIjaKEEL: opening concert ‘Until the Sun Wakes Up’
16 Oct
Ülenurme manor complex
The opening concert of the concert series HELIjaKEEL (SOUNDandLANGUAGE) in season 2017/2018. The concert ‘Until the Sun Wakes Up’ will present Estonian, Finnish, Võro-Seto and Sami languages. The aim of the work is to present the unique languages and cultures of the Finno-Ugric peoples and to recognize their value. The center of the installation is the sound of languages as music that has its own rhythm, intonation, and character.
Estonian photo and cinema exhibition ‘Estonian Film – Life Behind the Scenes’
16 Oct – 16 Nov
Cinema Kosmos, Cinema Artis, Cinema Sõprus
The photo exhibition has been called to life to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Estonian Filmmakers Union, with the aim of showing the atmosphere behind the scenes and making a deep bow to all filmmakers. The exhibition lets the viewer peek behind the thick curtains and shows them what goes on behind the cameras. Attention is given to operators, directors, film artists, as well as to all other members of the team whose work plays a major role in the success of the film and whose work has resulted in the birth of Estonian films over more than a hundred years.
Tõrva Dokfest
19–22 Oct
Tõrva Cinema Koit
For the fourth time, the documentary film festival ‘Tõrva Dokfest’ takes place at the Tõrva Cinema Koit. The Dokfest will present documentaries about different topics from Estonia and beyond. Animated films are shown to kindergarten children and on Saturday evening, there is also an entertainment programme. The opening film of the festival is Minna Hint’s ‘Help, I Need Love!’.
20 Oct – 3 Dec
Eksperimenta! is the only international students’ triennial for contemporary art in the region. This year’s focus will be on irritating relationships between art and economy. Young people, aged 14–21, from ten countries will take part of the triennial exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn City Gallery, EAA Gallery and Tallinn Photo Museum.
New production by Renate Keerd
21 Oct
Tartu New Theatre
It’s typical that Renate Keerd does not give a lot of clues to the audience before the show. So it’s also this time. However, it is sure that the production is not about the psyche of tractors, but of ourselves – human beings. All this is played out with the handwriting characteristic to Keerd – offering the audience a sense of recognition, tickling the spectrum of senses, and playing with irony, humour, and absurdity of life.
Finno-Ugrian Day at Open Space
21 Oct
Open Space
Celebrating the Finno-Ugrian Day begins with the choir concert dedicated to Veljo Tormis, where mainly the music based on Finno-Ugric peoples’ creation can be heard. The day continues with a major folk music concert, where folk ensembles from Komi Republic, Mari El Republic, Udmurtia, Hungary, Karelia, and the Khanty and Selkup people will perform. The evening will be closed by the concert of Mari Kalkun, the folk musician who uses the Võro language, and the Sami rapper Ailu Valle.
Pääsküla Bog Tour (in English)
22 Oct
Meeting place: Vabaduse Square
What is the difference between a marsh and a bog? Come to explore with us! Our first nature walk takes you to a bog in beautiful autumn colours. Pääsküla bog in Tallinn is around 5000 years old. Autumn is the best season to visit it – the reasons are cranberries, migrating birds and plants in beautiful autumn colours. During our walk with a professional guide Meriliis Kotkas we will hear more about ancient beliefs and legends, we will see carnivorous plants, peat holes, and traces of beavers. At the end of the tour, we will climb the watch tower and admire the view from there.