This week we have  many nice events to recommend you all over the  country.  It really seems the summer is near, because the events are getting very outdoorsy and lighthearted.
International Festival of Oriental Music “Orient”
30 May – 03 Jun
The festival “Orient” is the longest-running oriental music festival in the Baltic countries and, strictly speaking, the only music festival dedicated to authentic Asian music.
With the first festival having taken place in 1992, we are celebrating the honorary 25th anniversary this year. Orient is so far the only festival in the Baltics dedicated to authentic extra-European, first and foremost Asian, music and culture.
TASE ’17 – the diploma works festival of the Estonian Academy of Arts
27 May – 12 Jun
The annual exhibition-festival of diploma works of the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts takes place in Noblessner Foundry this spring before moving to the new renovated Rauaniit building. Satellite events take place all over the town. Why not have a look at what the possible future art-legends are up to.
Evald Okas. Paint anything!
27 May – 10 Sep
Evald Okas Museum
The joy of painting of Evald Okas transferred also to the surrounding objects: doors, chairs, smaller commodities. He has also used enamel painting and designed carpets and bindings. The museum introduces this facet in the creation of the artist for the first time, the curator is Mai Levin. Highly versatile scope is characteristic to the creation of Evald Okas. The artist was also
XXXVI Tallinn Old Town Days
31 May – 04 Jun
Town Hall Square
This year Tallinn Old Town Days take place for the 36th time and bears a slogan “Young Old Town”. Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia has appointed the year 2017 as the Year of Children’s and Youth Culture. That because we want to increase the focus of young, vivid, future-oriented, innovative and fresh ideas. As always, each day has its specific theme.
Exhibition “Formation”
31 May – 12 Jun
Foundry of the Noblessner Shipyard
16 young thinkers, who deal with content and layout, structure and criticism; who simultaneously think and give form to, reflect upon and create. The title of the exhibition, “Formatsioon” refers to growing and developing together, but also to the fact that progress is never a straight path from start to finish. No one became exactly what the tutors expected, nor what we ourselves expected when starting school. This is exactly what makes formation fascinating – it is unpredictable, and every deviation can become a new normality.
Kumu Documentary: “Reset”
31 May
Kumu auditorium
In early 2013, it was announced that the choreographer and dancer Benjamin Millepied, known as the man behind the ballet “Black Swan”, would take over as director of the Paris Opera Ballet. “Reset” follows Millepied on the eve of his first gala with the Opera, designing and refining his inaugural choreography for the esteemed institution.
15th International Youth Rhythm Music Festival “Visioon”
01 Jun – 03 Jun
Young musicians and professionals from various countries participate in the festival “Visioon”. The initiator of the event is Saue Music School, which has an active rhythm music department. Every year, more than 20 concerts and workshops take place.
International Visual Theatre Festival NuQ Treff
01 Jun – 04 Jun
NuQ Treff is a festival of modern visual theatre with the goal of introducing and popularising modern puppet arts, preserving and continuing puppetry traditions and surprising with art forms we never even knew existed. The festival offers fresh and original visual theatre without language barriers for children, youth and adults alike.
Narva Town Days 2017
01 Jun – 04 Jun
In the beginning of each summer, Narva Town Days take place in Narva. There will be performances by professional as well as hobby groups, unions of national cultures, well-known figures of culture and sports as well as residents of Narva.
Louis Kahn’s Magnum Opus. Arne Maasik’s photos
01 Jun – 20 Aug
Estonian Museum of Architecture
In January of 2017, the artist and architectural photographer Arne Maasik travelled to Bangladesh and India to photograph the architectural projects of Louis Kahn (1901–1974), an American architect born in Estonia. As an architect Kahn is considered to be a mystic and is held in extremely high esteem in the international architectural world. Interest in his visual thinking has been intensive throughout the early 21st century. This exhibition is part of a broader research process, in the course of which questions are being posed about the connections between Kahn’s architecture and medieval European fortress architecture, and more specifically, the Kuressaare Castle.
Poor.Life.Choices #6 – Don Vito + Les Spritz
01 Jun – 02 Jun
POOR LIFE CHOICES aim to put on weird, uncomfortable, out-of-sorts bands, musicians, artists and performers who care to stop by in Tallinn. Self described “hyper kinetic instrumental noise”, DON VITO played way back in 2015 and absolutely slayed. They play with the cartoonish, high energy of Lightning Bolt, shreiking, brittle Steve Albini-esque guitars and a frantic, ‘kicks-you-in-the-face’ rhythm section. Pretty much the most fun you will ever have watching a live band.
11th Blacksmiths’ Festival Baroque Smithery 2017
02 Jun – 04 Jun
Narva Museum; Northern Yard
The forges will be heated in the Northern Yard of the Narva Castle and hunks of men will come together to show what the blacksmiths of their countries are really made of. The blacksmiths will twist, bend, hammer, and harden iron into all kinds of knick-knacks and commodities
11th Türi Spring Festival
02 Jun – 04 Jun
At the 11th Türi Spring Festival: World-famous trumpeter Markus Stockhausen and pianist Florian Weber (Germany), violin and piano duo Michael Foyle – Maksim Štšura (England/Estonia), baroque ensemble Floridante and soprano Maria Valdmaa, French chansons trio by Erkki Otsman – Jaak Lutsoja – Tanel Liiberg, children’s concert “Sipsik”: Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, pianist Viola Asoskova and actress Anu Lamp; exhibition of Fred Jüssi’s nature photos, Radio Night University lecture by Mathura, nature hike (Kaarel Aluoja, Veljo Runnel) and joint singing “Kirtan”, conducted by yoga instructor Jörg Buneru (Germany).
Võrumaa Song and Dance Festivity
03 Jun
Võru-Kubija Song Ground
The traditional county song and dance festivity takes place in Võrumaa annually. The event takes place on June 3 under the pine trees of Kubija. Võrumaa’s choirs, brass bands, dance and gymnastic groups participate.
12th North Livonian Festival
03 Jun
The North Livonian Festival has been in held in different formats since 2006. The aim of the festival is to organise a cross-border twin event with Latvia. Traditionally, there will be a big fair, various collectives perform and workshops are held.
Kaparock 2017
03 Jun
Tohisoo Manor Park
The festival gates open at 14 and the best Estonian music, good company, and everything else that entails can be enjoyed until midnight.  Kohila is located in Rapla county, only a 20-minute drive from Tallinn, and is also comfortably reachable by bus and train. After the festival, a special bus will take guests back to Tallinn.
Screening and meeting with the makers of “Soviet Hippies”
02 Jun
Cinema Sõprus
“Soviet Hippies” is a crazy film about the life of flower children, based heavily on unique and previously unseen archive materials. It is a sort of road movie in the footsteps of Soviet Union’s hippy movement. Director Terje Toomistu’s story takes the viewer to the psychedelic 1970s underground, where long-haired youngsters, intoxicated by rock music, created their own world despite the strict regime. A system, which strived for peace and freedom. Years later, the company of Estonian hippies journeyed to Moscow, where the holiday of the flower children is to this day celebrated on June 1. The film runs on the path of memories, during which history is brought to life.